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    Here is a comment Buck wrote.. Since a lot of people do not read the comments I thought it would be a good idea to post it.

    J D Epps husband of Lois Kent is Joseph Daniel Epps son of James Craton Epps Jr. He was born 30 Nov. 1891. His mother was Adlade Fox Epps also called Addie. She was the second wife of James Craton Epps Jr.   Dovie is Hepsey Jane Epps daughter of James Craton Epps Jr. and Hepsey Prosser.  Bettie is Elizabeth Epps another daughter of James Craton Epps Jr. and his first wife Hepsey Prosser. 
    The W. C. Epps is a son of Hugh M Epps named William C Epps. The C probably is either Cole his mothers maiden name or Craton his grandmothers maiden name.  Mary J Epps in the Simms – Land Cemetery above is the first wife of Lawrence Franklin Epps who is the son of Hugh M Epps. Mary Jane’s maiden name was Mason. She died before before Dec 1876 and is the daughter of Solomon Mason. Lawrence F Epps later married Luticia Francis Cotner.

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  • Descendants of Alfred Jackson   from the notes of Lee Cagle, Oklahoma City, OK.
    Alfred Jackson was born about 1832 in Georgia. He died between 1861-1865 in Tennessee (Civil War Casualty.)  He married Jane ____ about 1854. She was born about 1832 in Georgia.
    Notes for Alfred Jackson:  He was killed in the Civil war in Tennessee.
    His burial place is unknown.  He is listed on the 1860 Calhoun County, Alabama census with wife Jane and 3 children
    They married about 1854
    Children of Alfred Jackson and Jane are:
    1. Cynthia Jackson, Born 1855 in Calhoun County, Alabama
    Cynthia was missed in the 1860 Census of Calhoun County, Alabama Her mother and father were listed as well as her siblings. Must have been a census taker mistake. She is listed with her mother, siblings, and a stepfather, Jasper Hicks on the 1870 Census of Cleburne County, Alabama at age 15.
    2.  Mary E. Jackson born about 1856 in Calhoun County, Alabama.
    in the 1860 Calhoun County, Alabama census she was listed as 4 years old.
    3.  Thomas Marion Jackson, born about 1858 in Calhoun County, Alabama
    1860 Census, Calhoun County, Alabama listed with father age 2 years.
    1870 Census, Cleburne County, Alabama listed with step father , and Thomas is 12 years old.
    4.  James Alfred Jackson, born 1859 in Calhoun County, Alabama
    1860 Census he was listed as 8 months old with his father.
    5.  Millard Fillmore Jackson, born about 1861 in Alabama, died July 1934 in Oklahoma or Texas.

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  •  Buck Epps
    The ancestral line of Lawrence Ward Epps
    Generation 1:
    Lawrence Epps aka Larry
    b. abt. 1782 North Carolina
    d. abt. 20 June 1861 Lincoln Co., Tennessee
    m. 26 Jan. 1807 Wilson Co. Tennessee to Elizabeth Craton
    Elizabeth Craton  (later spelling is Creighton)
    b. abt. 1785 Virginia
    d. bet. 1859 and May 1861 Lincoln Co., Tennessee
      Generation 2 – eldest son of Lawrence and Elizabeth Epps:
      James Craton Epps
      b. 16 Sept. 1808 (according provided by James grandson Clift Moore which was on the  
      death certificate of Lawrence Epps the father of Clift and the son of James Craton he was
      born in Alabama. This would indicate that his father was in Alabama after leaving Wilson
      Co. and coming then to live his whole life in Lincoln Co. Tenn.)
      d. 16 May 1884 Lincoln Co. Tennessee (from tombston in Old Unity Cemetery)
      m. bef. 1835 Nancy Ann Norris in Lincoln Co. Tennessee
      Nancy Ann Norris
      b. 16 Sept. 1809 (source tombstone in Old Unity Cemetery Lincoln Co.)
      d. 6 May 1884
        Generation 3 – third son of James Craton and Nancy Ann Epps
        Lawrence F Epps (not proven but probable that Fstands for Franklin)
        b. 2 Dec 1842 Lincoln Co. Tenn.
        d. 1 Nov 1916 near Christiana in Rutherford Co. Tenn.
        m. 15 Dec 1871 Rutherford Co. Tenn. Mary Elizabeth Smith
        Mary Elizabeth Smith
        b. 14 Dec 1848
        d. 10 Nov 1912
        note: Some have the wife of Lawrence as Mary Jane Mason but this is the first wife of a
        cousin the son of Hugh M Epps that is also named Lawrence Franklin Epps and was
        born 6 Mar 1842 the same year as Lawrence the son of James Craton Epps.
          Generation 4 – third son of Lawrence and Mary Elizabeth Epps
          Clift Moore Epps (named for Alexander Clift and Daniel Moore his brother in laws)
          b. 29 June 1885 Rutherford Co. Tenn.
          d. 8 Nov 1958 Cristoval, Texas and buried in Sonora,Texas
          m. 29 October 1907 Susie Matthews Buchanan in Rutherford Co. Tenn.
          Susie Matthews Buchanan
          b. 5 July 1883 Rutherford Co. Tenn. 
          d. 8 July 1928 San Angelo, Texas
          note: Susie is the seventh child of John Price Buchanan Gov. of Tennessee. She was
          married by her brother Thomas Buchanan a Cumberland Presbyterian minister.
            Generation 5 – second son of Clift Moore and Susie Epps
            Lawrence Buchanan Epps
            b. 13 October 1911 Rutherford Co. Tennessee
            d. 10 February 1998 Greenville, South Carolina
            m. Mar 1939 Edna Ruth Ward Waco, Texas
            note: Marriage preformed by Lawrence’s Methodist minister father Clift Epps.
            Edna Ruth Ward
            b. 27 Nov. 1918 Ogelsby, Coryell Co., Texas
            d. living
              Generation 6 – eldest son of Lawrence and Ruth Epps
              Lawrence Ward Epps aka Buck
              b. 30 May 1940
              d. living
              m. 28 Dec. 1965 Dianne Carl Mick Freeport, Texas
              Dianne Carl Mick
              b. 25 May 1945
              d. living

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  • Descendants of Tennesson Chesser

    Generation  No. 1

    Tennesson Chesser was born 1780 in North Carolina, and died before 1850 in Alabama. He married Mary Gary 1800, in Wilkes Co. North Carolina. Mary was the daughter of Samuel Gray and Rachel Sale. She was born 1780 in North Carolina and died 18, March 1847 in Tennessee.

    I do have records also stating that Mary Gray was born 19 September 1774 in Surrey, Wilkes County, North Carolina and shed died 18 March 1847. So here we have two different birthday’s.

    Child of Tennesson Chesser and Mary Gray is:

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     Wayne Branson  VZ's
    Abraham W VZ was certainly married to Anna Lamott McClay. ‘McCloy’ is incorrect. We have the marriage record of their marriage in 1868 in Philadelphia. Abraham left Anna before 1880. Anna was living by herself with two young children in a home in Philadelphia according to the census. One of Anna’s children was my great grand mother who was known to my father very well when my father was a young person. My Great grandmother knew who her mother was and who her grandfather Vanzant was first hand.

    Mary Ann Verlinden can also be found living with her children in a seperate home in Philadelphia in 1870 according to the census.

    I found Abraham living in a fine home in Philadelphia in 1880 with servant girls and young children bearing the Vanzant surname. He was not with Mary Ann VZ or Anna Lamott McClay VZ at that time. I cannot find any proof that he ever went back to either of his wives or any of his children by his two wives between 1880 and the time when he died in 1888.

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  • Abraham Vanzandt Obituary Notice
    From the Media News
    Upland, Pennsylvania
    Funeral of Abraham Vanzant
    The funeral of the late Abraham Vanzant, a sketch of who life was published in the News last week occurred yesterday afternoon from the residence of his son on Church Street, Upland. The attendance was very large and outside of the immediate relatives and friends,  a large delegation of members from Leiperville Lodge of Odd Fellows was present. After prayer at the house, the remains were taken to the Upland M.E. Church, where services were held, conducted by Rev. H. Frankland of that church, Rev. William Ridgway of Trinity M.E. Church and Rev. C.L. Williams of the Upland Baptist Church . Interment was made at Chester Rural Cemetery.
    Death of an Ex-County Sheriff
    The funeral of Abraham Vanzant who for nearly sixty years resided in this country, will take place tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon, from the residence of his son, George Vanzant, Church Street, Upland, PA. Abraham Vanzant was born in St. George’s Hundred, Delaware on February 18, 1810. He came to Delaware County in 1826 and was married to Mary Ann Verlinden in 1829. For a number of years he was a local Methodist preacher here, starting out in that capacity in 1848. He was particularly well-known in Upland where for several years he was manager of the mills of the late John P. Crozer. He left Upland about the year 1858 to accept a position as manager of a mill at Roswell, GA but was compelled to leave that place on account of his Union principles, and he returned to Chester in 1861. He was elected Sheriff of Delaware County on the Republican ticket in 1863. Soon after his retirement from public office he became the manager of Osborn Levis mill at Upper Darby, where he lived and prospered for many years. During his sojourn there he made his last public speech at the celebration of the Declaration of Independence, when a flag was raised in honor of the country during the Centennial year in 1876.. His last public position was assessor of the 24th ward, Philadelphia, where he was living a the time of his death on Tuesday last the 10th. His remains were brought to this city of Tuesday evening last. Deceased leaves a wife and nine children, including six daughters and three sons, and in addition 55 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren. He was a member of Leiperville Lodge of Odd Fellows, and that Society will attend his funeral. Services will be held at the Upland M.E. Church at 2 o’clock, and interment made at Chester Rural Cemetery.

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     Hannah Vanzant Epps and Samuel Huey Epps

     Hannah Carroll Vanzant  and Samuel Huey Epps on their wedding day!

    31 January 1912,  Anniston, Calhoun County, Alabama


    Hannah and Sam Epps

    Hannah Carroll Vanzant     Samuel Huey Epps

    Sam Hannah Billy Hiram Annie 

    Top Left:     Hannah Carroll Vanzandt Epps    Samuel Huey Epps

    Top Right:   William Thomas Epps, Son of Hannah and Sam.. This is my father.

    Bottom Left:  Hiriam Thomas Epps, Annie Chesser Epps.  Father of Samuel Huey Epps

    Bottom Right:   Samuel Huey Epps  and Hannah Carroll Vanzant Epps

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  • VANZANDT FAMILY BIBLE, ALSO KNOWN AS VANZANT and various other spellings. 
    Please if you find any errors let me know and if you have anything to add also contact me.
    Family bible 
    Abraham Williams Vanzandt
    Born        18 Feb 1810 St. Georges Hundred, New Castle Delaware.
    Married  30 Oct 1829
    Died        10 Jan 1888  3023 Dakota Street, Phil. PA
    Buried    12 Jan 1888 Chester Rural Cem Chester, PA
    Wife of Abraham Williams Vanzandt
    Mary Ann Verlinden
    Born      1 Mar 1811
    Died     27 Feb 1894 Chester, PA
    Buried  Chester Rural Cemetery
    Abraham was supposed to be married to Anna McCloy or Anna Lamott McClay May 8, 1868  at the same time he was married to Mary Ann Verlinden.
    Children of this union were Vanzandt – Verlinden
    Sarah Ann Vanzandt    Spouse   Robert Buck
    Born         15 Aug 1830  Delaware Co, PA
    Married   27 June 1850
    Died         1907   buried Chester Rural Cemetery
    John Vanzandt   Spouse   Annie Afflick
    Born       11 December 1831  Delaware County PA
    Died        11 November 1913
    George Rice Vanzant  Spouse  Hannah Slater   Ann Crowther Kay
    Born          22 Jan  1834    Delaware, PA
    Married     5 Jan 1836 to Hannah Slater
    Married    15 Oct 1868  Ann Crowther Kay
    Died            9 Jan 1918 VA Old Soldiers Home
    Buried      Chester Rural Cemetery.
    Mary Ann Vanzant   Spouse   Andrew Lampert
    Born         22 Jan 1836  Delaware Co, PA
    Married   25 August 1855
    Elizabeth Vanzant  Spouse William Morris
    Born        26 Nov 1837   Delaware County, PA
    Married  Feb 1858 Chester, Delaware Co, PA
    Jane Vanzant  Spouse Joel Lane
    Born        25 July 1840
    Married  18 November 1863  Chester, PA

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    I am typing this just as it was written.
    The property of
    LT. George Rice VanZandt
    Upland, Delaware County, Pennsylvania
    George Rice Vanzandt
    2nd Lt.. Co. B. 203rd P.A.
    Vol R.P. Vol.
    December 7, 1864
    We left camp in front of Richmond about 5 o’clock in the afternoon having rained very hard in the forenoon the roads were very muddy. We marched to Point of Rocks on the Apamaticks where we arrived about 2 o’clock in the morning – halted until daylight, December 8th marched to Bermuda 100 there took the transport IDAHO for fortress Monroe where we arrived about on o’clock.. Dropped anchor in the Rhoads layed there until the afternoon of the 10th of December, the sea being very rough making a great many of the men sick. While ashore I went into the fort after getting the rations aboard we steamed out into the stream where we are now staying.
    December 11, 1864
    This morning was very calm and continued so until afternoon about five o’clock when it commenced to be windy and continued increasing into a heavy gale, freezing very hard. About 1 o’clock in the morning of the 12th of December a large schooner tangled her cable acrossed ours and had to slip it to get away just as she let go an another Schooner came broad side up against out bow staving a hole in the Schooner’s side She made fast to our boat until about 9’oclock in the morning when she was towed away by a tug. The sea was very heavy all day Orders came to put 2 company’s on board the Transport Rolic. We raised anchor steamed to her, troops getting aboard. We steamed back to our old anchorage where we lay until 3 o’clock in the morning of the 13th when we raised anchor and steamed out of the bay and around into the Potomac. Went up as far as Seivil or Seurl Point where we turned about and sailed down to Cherry Point Light House where we dropped anchor until 9 o’clock in the morning of the 14th when we raised anchor steamed the River passing Charles Point Light House about 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Steamed out into the Atlantic Ocean sailed all night passed Cape Hatres daylight in the morning of the 15th continued on our course until we got opposite Wilmington, North Carolina where we stopped, floating about on the ocean.
    December 16, 1864
    The 16th still floating opposite Wilmington N.C. 17th Still floating opposite Wilmington 18th still floating opposite Wilmington, 19th Still floating opposite Wilmington. December 20th ran short of coal and water – ordered into Beaufort to get a fresh supply. Arrived opposite Beaufort about 8 o’clock at night dropped anchor for the night, the sea very rough
    December 21, 1864
    21st December daylight raised anchor signaled for a Pilot-one came and we steamed into the harbor between Morehead City and Beaufort, Fort Makin is at the south of this stream. A very fine Fort mounting some 40 or 50 guns. It is night and the men are buy putting coal out of the Schooner into our ship.
    December 22, 1864
    22nd December . Today I with several other officers were ashore in a small boat- went up to Morehead City which is about 1 mile from the landing, bout some bread at hospital. Came back took dinner at an eating saloon by the landing, after dinner Capt. Brook McCuen, Cook, Lt. Duncan Mulheran and myself went over to Beaufort in a sale (or small) boat which is almost three miles stayed until about half past four when we came back to the ship. The sea was very rough coming back. The weather calm and cold.
    December 23rd 1864
    Today the weather was clear and pleasant, went to Morehead City had a very pleasant time. Capt. McCuen, Capt. Smallwood and Sergt. Dick went for a small scow. Took it out along the each, filled it wth oysters, brought them to the ship. The boys had a fine sport with them. Had some stew for my supper.
    December 24, 1864
    Today clear and cold everything passing off very agreeably about 2 o’clock in the afternoon raised anchor and put to sea. Arrived opposite Cape Fear Inlet where we are ordered to stop about 2 o’clock being Christmas Eve. We had very jolly time, singing, drinking b——— —- and good draft ale.


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  • Royalty-free stock Illustration

    I am only going to post the records of anyone pertaining to our family that I have marked so far.  If anyone one wants the entire list email me..
    Laviod, Son of
    J.C. and L.E. Epps
    October 19, 1899
    November 14, 1912
    John N. Epps
    March 27, 1841
    August 25, 1929
    Florence Cole Epps
    November 1, 1849
    February 5, 1938
    John S. Son of
    J.N. and Florence Epps
    September 1, 1882
    March 6, 1914
    Joseph Epps   Son of James Craton Epps and Nancy Norris Epps
    Died January 8, 1892
    age 42 years
    Dovie, Wife of R.H. Eakes     Daughter of James Norris Epps
    March 28, 1865
    November 20, 1892
    Nancy Ann Norris Epps
    Wife of James Craton Epps
    September 16, 1808
    May 6, 1884
    Bettie Epps
    October 2, 1863
    May 11, 1887
    James Epps   Son of Nancy A. Norris Epps and James Craton Epps
    March 28, 1836
    December 15, 1919
    Addie Fox, wife of
    James Epps
    October 6, 1845
    Jan  1890
    Lois Kent, wife of
    J.D. Epps
    March 3, 1887
    September 22, 1931
    Mary J. Epps
    August 8, 1842
    July 16, 1871
    Miss Liza Epps
    (Beasley Funeral Home)
    W.C. Epps
    January 5,1848
    August 10, 1928
    M. Epps
    18–   193-     Broken (Beasley Funeral Home)
    W.T Epps
    J.C. Epps 1872-1940  (Beasley Funeral Home)
    S. Hattie Epps
    dates broken away
    Beulah Ables Epps
    Feb 15, 1896
    May 20, 1955

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