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  • I am going to be going through ALL my data I have collected over the years and if any of you see anything that you can help out with or that you may need please feel free to contact me at   Be sure to put VZ Genealogy in the subject.

    Willis Kay Vanzant or VanZandt son of George Rice Vanzant and Ann Kay Vanzant .  “Uncle Willie”  Rena V. Burns said when asked by Miss Ells Rhodeback, 5th Grade teacher in Upland, PA school where Alabama was. She answered “in the South because that is where Uncle Willie lives.  She was humiliated by the teacher!

    Willis Kay or William Kay Vanzant as I sometimes see it was my Great Grandfather.

    A letter from Signe Cowan who was Mrs. Fred Cowan 14 Jan 1977   “in folder George Rice Vanzant has Ann Vanzant died 30 Nov 1897, 63 years (b 1834 England)  small bible name Edward Kay given to him by mis Nanny Blakeley 24 May 1852. Letter as regards to his death as a soldier who was true to his country and to the UNION.

    Book of Common Prayer presented to Miss Ann Crowthers by her companion Alice Herrod and Mary Matley on the eve of leaving her native country for America.

    Also there was a picture of Willis K. VanZant , Anniston, AL 17 July 1917

    November 1984 Howard C. Vanzandt said George Rice VZ Lived with Mary Alice Moore Vanzandt after George Albert her husband, died leaving her with young children. He later went to Old Soldiers Home, VA where he died 9 Jan 1918.



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