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    Wanted information on Mathias Nichols and Mary Jane Holland.

    Also the following people I am looking for information and pictures as well. Elizabeth Nichols who married William Martin Finley.

    Susan Nichols who married Liehue Vinson

    Louiza Nichols who married John Sellers

    James Asa Nichols married Mary Jane Daugherty

    William T. Nichols who married Sarah Jane Sadler

    John P. Nichols,  Asa Holland, Tenneson Chesser.


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  1. Mathias Nichols said on

    Matthias Nichols was in Lincoln County Tn in 1820. He married Penelope Hester Nicholas and they had a daughter, Martha T. Nichols who married Lemuel Bonaparte Welch. One of their daughters married a Chesser in Lincoln County. In 1820 Tenneson or Tennyson Chesser lived next door to Richard and Martha Welch, Lemuel Bonaparte’s son.

    Asa Holland was a Justice of the Peace in the area. There were other Hollands in the area.

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