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  • I received this email from someone 9/11/01


    Where did you find me? on Genforum?

    We are not sure about the Buck’s County line (Pennsylvania) But most believe that it is the line that Garrett Van Zandt found in Mecklenburg, NC in 1765 Deed descended from. I believe that most believe that Albertus Van Zandt was his father or grandfather.

    In studying my Alexanders who originated in New Munster, Cecil County, Maryland which is up on the northern border with Delaware and Pennsylvania, I find some land that my Alexanders bought in 1714 and next to it is land that Cornelius Van Zandt and Johannes Van Zandt bought. My Alexanders migrated to Meckenburg in 1750 and most all that family migrated there as well.

    Do you have that on the Buck’s County Van Zandts? It mentions the fact that some sone of Garrett Stoeffelese bought land in New Munster.


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