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  • Hunting any information on Elizabeth Craton or Elizabeth Creighton Epps, born 1795 in Virginia..  Married 26 January 1807 in Wilson County Tennessee to Larry Epps, sometimes called Lary, Larey and Laurence Epps.

    They lived in Lincoln County Tn.

    If any of you have any info on her please email me at and put Elizabeth Craton in the subject.

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  • This cemetery is in the yard of my Gr Gr Gr Great Grandfather Larry Epps and Elizabeth Creighton Epps old home place.

    John William Cole (Father in law to Hugh Epps and father to Elizabeth Cole Epps)

    August 17, 1795 – June 10, 1844

    Nancy Graves Cole wife of John Cole

    September 9, 1796 – April 24, 1870

    E.C. Cole daughter of Edgar Anderson Cole and Lucy Easter Cummings Cole

    July 21, 1873 – Nov 13, 1875

    Mary E. Cole, Daughter of Frank M. Cole and Delila Ellis Cole

    January 28, 1871 – December 11, 1871

    H.M. Epps  ( My Gr Gr Grandfather) Hugh Montgomery Epps father of Hiram Thomas Epps my Gr Grandfather

    May 4, 1821 – Dec 9, 1877

    Hopey J. Epps

    January 16, 1853 – September 21, 1867

    Luther C. Prosser son of Mark Prosser and Louisa Jane Leftwich

    March 7, 1855  – July 6, 1895

    J.M. Sherwood son of J.W. and M.C. Sherwood

    July 25, 1853 -Mar 28, 1885

    Mary wife of John Whitworth

    April 9, 1805 – July 25, 1879

    Mary F. Whitworth daughter of H.C. and Elizabeth Brotherton Whitworth

    Dec 9, 1873 – Dec 4, 1881

    Mary_______  this stone was broken

    1856-1885    Do not have a clue what Mary this was.


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