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  • I am looking for information on Martha Elizabeth “Mattie” Epps who married James Young and then he died and she married Arnold Shearl who died 18 January 1947 in Centre, AL

    Mattie died 10 May 1945 in Centre, Al

    She and James Young had a daughter Othelia Samantha Young who was born in 1905 and died 1990.  I am sorry I am just finding that out. I would have loved to have met her. This was my Grandfather Samuel Huey Epps niece. Othelia married William Hopkins and they had June Laurette Hopkins 1923-1976  Billie Doyle Hopkins who married Harold Laddie Akins. Billie was born April 29,1929 and died June 14, 1993.   Son William Michael Hopkins who was born August 19, 1943 and died 1972 in Germany.

    Anyone of these families please contact me at


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  • Family bible 

    In possession of Dorothy Epps Brown, Fayetteville, Tennessee

    This certifies that Edwin Roscoe Epps of Fayetteville, Tennessee and Annie Elizabeth Malone of Huntsville, Alabama were united in matrimony according to the ordinance of God and the laws of Tennessee on the 3rd day of September in the year of our Lord 1910.


    John L. Epps married to Georgia Lee Groce August 18, 1934.

    James Lawrence Epps married to Pauline Bartlette April 16, 1938.

    Edith Ray Epps married to Johnnie Clayton Jones, October 6, 1934.

    Dorothy Elizabeth Epps married Buford Terral Brown August 27, 1949.

    Edwin Roscoe Epps, Jr. married Dorothy Dollar October 1854… this is a typo. I believe it should be 1954.


    Edwin Roscoe Epps was born February 28, 1890 in Lincoln County, tennessee

    Annie Elizabeth Malone born Dec 19, 1892 in Lincoln County, Tennessee


    Children’s names  Births

    John L. Epps  Born August 1, 1911.

    James Lawrence Epps born June 27, 1915.

    Edith Ray Epps born July 20, 1918.

    Dorothy Elizabeth Epps born July 28, 1932.

    Edwin Roscoe Epps, Jr. born June 18, 1934.



    (Annie Elizabeth) Bessie Malone Epps died August 9, 1938.

    Edwin Roscoe Epps, Sr. died January 25, 1964.



    1.  John L.   (Has no children)

    2. Edith Ray Jones Children are:

    Barbara Ethel Jones born July 5, 1935

    Johnnie Houston Jones born August 21, 1938

    Portia Elizabeth Jones born_____

    Larry Clayton Jones born September 10, 1945

    3.  James Lawrence Epps child:

    Peggy Jane Epps born May 25, 1939

    4.  Dorothy Elizabeth Epps Brown has 3 children:

    Patricia Ann Brown born January 24, 1952

    Edith Lorry Brown born November 24, 1957

    Nancy Annette Brown born June 16, 1964

    5.  Edwin Roscoe Epps, Jr. has 2 children:

    Sandra Lynn born April 1957

    Donna Jean born March 1959


    Newspaper clippings found in the bible.

    Thanks to friends in the late illness and passing away of our husband and father John Norris Epps   signed by Mrs. John N. Epps, Mrs S.E. Newcome, Mrs. Joe Forrester, Joe M. Epps and Edwin Roscoe Epps.   John Norris Epps was born March 27, 1841 and died August 25, 1929.


    From the Thin Gray Line..

    With the death of J.N. Epps, Confederate veteran who served four years with the Eighth Tennessee regiment, two weeks ago, there remains only 14 veterans in Lincoln County, Tennessee. The youngest of these, Eld. T.C. Little is 82 years of age. He enlisted while only 15 years old and served with Forrest during the last year of the war. The oldest is Capt. Hence P. George of Belleville, 93 who served with the Mulberry company.

    Those still living are Eld. T.C. Little, George Pickett, Van Forrester, Jesse Broadaway, Wiley Daniel, J.C. Shofner, Alex McEwen, W. Gunter, Billy Griffis, C.B. Bagley, Capt. Durham, R.S. Hereford, W. Templeton, and Capt H.P. George.



    Mrs. Florence Cole Epps, 88 widow of John N. Epps, Confederate Beteran, died early Saturday morning at her home at Belleville, following an illness of several weeks. Mrs. Epps, active in church and social circes, was a member of the Baptist Church of Bellville, where funeral services were conducted Sunday morning by the Rev. J. Vernon Rich, pastor, and the Rev. H.J. Burroughs. Burial was in Old Unity Cemetery. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. E.D. Newcombe, Ft Worth, Texas and Mrs. Kate L. Foster, (Forrester) Belleville, two sons, Roscoe Epps, Bellville and Joe Epps, Dallas TX. Two half-sisters, Mrs. Ella Kennedy, Wheaton, MO and Mrs. Sallie Gerrin, Miami, Oklahome, Two half brothers, SteveCole of Miami Oklahoma and Mell Cole of Fairland, Oakland and several grandchildren.


    Another obit:

    Mrs. Florence Cole Epps, widow of Conf. Soldier John N. Epps, died of heart failure at Bellville, February 5, 1938. For 53 years she was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church.


    Florence Cole was born November 1, 1849 to Frank Cole and his wife Mary Armstrong.


    J.N.Epps and Florence Cole were married in Lincoln County Tennessee by William Buntley, JP November 2, 1876

    Children were:

    John S. Born September 1, 1882 died March 6, 1914.

    Myrtle married Elliot Newcome

    Kate married Jode Forrester

    Joe married Lonnie______

    Roscoe married Bessie Malone


    Parents of John Norris Epps were James Creighton/Craton and Nancy Norris Epps . James born Ca 1810 Nancy A. Norris was born September 16, 1808 and died May 6, 1884.

    Children were:

    Elizabeth, James, John Norris, Larrey, Frances A. who married Dan Moore and Joseph.



    Funeral services for Mrs. Bessie Malone Epps 45, who died Tuesday at her home near Bellville, were conducted at the Bellville Missionary Baptist Church, of which she was a member, by the Rev. J. Vernon Rich, pastor. Burial was in the Wiley Cemetery. She is survived by her husband, Roscoe Epps, two daughters, Mrs. Johnnie Jones, Eagleville and Miss Dorothy Epps. Three sons, John L. , James and Roscoe Epps, Jr.  Her father John Allen Malone, four brothers Jake Malone of Lawrenceburg, John Wilson Malone of Lincoln County, and Charles Malone of Calumet City, Illinois. Four sisters, Mrs. Mary Bledsoe, Mrs Joe Boyd of Huntsville, AL Miss Mahala Malone, Chattanooga, TN and L.C. Taylor, Kelso and a grandchild.

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