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  • I am posting miscellaneous items I have in my genealogy boxes. I hope if any one of you know any information of if this is your family please email me at

    Joseph Fitzpatrick born 1775 in Virginia

    He died abt 1850 in Madison, Georgia

    I do not have a wife for him at the present.

    Here are the children listed

    Renee (Male) who married Polly Watts. Renee was born 1794 and they were married 1816 in Greene County, Georgia.

    Sarah R (Female) who married Abner Perry. Sarah was born 1810 in Virginia and they were married 30 July 1846 in Madison County, Georgia.

    Mary B (Female) who married William R. Cleghorn. Mary was born 1815 and they were married 20 December 1837 in Madison County, Georgia.

    Richardson or Richard (Male) born 1819. His first wife was Mary C. His second wife was Lettie Milligan. Richardson or Richard died 1860 in the Civil War.

    Robert Guilford (Male) who married Catherine Shinn. Sometimes I see Katherine Shinn. Robert was born 1823 and they were married 24 May 1842.  Catherine’s father was possibly Moses Shinn.


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