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  • I need information about Amanda Epps. She showed up August 3, 1845 in the registry of Cane Creek Christian Church of Marshall County TN.

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  • I go to the Moulton Archives, in Moulton, AL to do family research . The lady there Wendy is awesome and if you have any reason to research in that area the Archives is a gold mine.

    I asked Wendy could I copy the list of wars. I was given permission. I want to share it here. How many times have you come across some of your family members that served in a war and had to google the dates of the war. Now you wont have to. Thank you Wendy and Lawrence Co Archives.

    Revolutionary War

    Six years , nine months

    July 1776-April 1783


    War of 1812

    Two years, six months

    June 1812-December 1814


    Civil War

    Four years

    April 1861-April 1865


    Us-Mexico War

    One year, 10 months

    April 1846- February 1848


    Spanish-American War

    Eight Months

    April-December 1898


    World War I

    One year, seven months

    April 1917-November 1918


    World War II

    Three years, eight months

    December 1941-August 1945


    Korean War

    Three years, one month

    June 1850-July 1953


    Vietnam War

    Eight years, five months

    August 1964-January 1973


    Persian Gulf War

    1 year one month

    January 1990-February 1991



    October 2001-September 2010 +



    March 2003-September 2010 +


    If you find I made an error please correct me.

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  • Information on ¬†Thomas Crayton, Craton, Creighton,

    He enlisted September 30, 1814 and was discharged March 28, 1815

    1855 in Itawamba Co, MS

    1871 Richmond Lee Co MS

    Wife Elizabeth McDaniel and they married June 4, 1818 in Moulton, Al

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    Wanted information on Mathias Nichols and Mary Jane Holland.

    Also the following people I am looking for information and pictures as well. Elizabeth Nichols who married William Martin Finley.

    Susan Nichols who married Liehue Vinson

    Louiza Nichols who married John Sellers

    James Asa Nichols married Mary Jane Daugherty

    William T. Nichols who married Sarah Jane Sadler

    John P. Nichols,  Asa Holland, Tenneson Chesser.


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