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  • Origin of the Name Epps

         John Frederick Dorman a certified genealogist indicated in “Ancestors and Descendants of Francis Epes of Virginia Vol. I,” that the American Epps ancestors lived for centuries in the area around Ashford, Kent County, England. They came to the Virginia colony shortly after the Virginia Company of London established Jamestown.

        According to Dorman Roger Eppe whose name appears on the Hundred Role of Fourhowe, Norfolk in 1273 is the oldest known reference he found in England’s documents. In 1409 a John Eps and Stephen Eps appear as witnesses on a deed in Kent County. In 1459 William Aps alias Eps of Lamberdherst, Kent County alias Sussex County, was summoned concerning a debt he owed to a fishmonger of London.  Stephen Aps of Sussex County in 1463 was also involved in a court action concerning a dept. There is a Robert Epse who is deputy in the town of Rye, Kent County in 1433 and 1435 and later mayor of Yarmouth in 1436.

            It can be seen these early English sources spelled the name in various ways: Eppe, Eps, Aps, and Epse. These variations come from medieval scribes who worked without any spelling rules. The etymology of the Epps name taken from various internet sources says it is an English variant of the names Ebbs of north Germany or Apps which is a Dutch.

        Ebbs is the short form of Ebbert in north Germany. In medieval time many different cultural groups lived in the German states. This caused regional variations of German surnames. Some spoke Low German that is the dialect of those living in the northern low lying lands of Germany that is similar to Dutch.

        Apps is a Dutch variant of Epps. The Old English, which is of Germanic tribal origin, had a variant of Apps spelled Apse. The root meaning of both of these variants refers to someone who lived near an aspen tree. Both the Dutch “van” and German “von” which mean from or of are used as a prefix to some of the various forms of the Epps name as in van Epps or von Epps.

         Some of the numerous spellings of Epps are: Epple, Epp, Eppe, Eps, Ebs, Ebbs, Epps, Epes, Eppes, Eppling, Eppel, etc. Epp and Eppe is a Dutch pet form of the Germanic personal name Eberhardt.  Some of the individual names that appear in ancient German chronicles of various towns are Eberhart and Friedericus von Ebs in 1190, Albertus Dictum Eppelin in 1283, Rudel Eppfeler in 1367, and Nicolaus Eppler in 1390.  Compare these variations with the previous early English forms Roger Eppe 1273, John Eps 1409, William Aps 1463, and Robert Epse 1433.

         Clearly the Epps name has its roots among the Germanic tribes living in the European low lands. A review of Kent’s history follows which will document that people whose name would become the English Epes were in Kent at least by the sixth century. This review will also point to a Germanic tribe called Jutes as those who brought the name that became Epes in Kent.

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  •                                           Larry Epps Deceased –Account of Sale

                                             A List of Sale October 17th & 18th 1861
          Name                                               Articles                              Amount
    James N. Epps                      Colter? Plow & axe & c                   2.20
    Larra Epps                             Plow & Sundries                                  .10
    W M Epps J C Epps             Sythe & c                                              1.15
    H Gowen J C Epps               Crop cut sow & c                                 .30
    James N. Epps                     Cutting Knife & c                                  .20
    Hugh M. Epps                      2 Plows & Hames                                  .10
    H M Epps                               Round Chain                                          .10
    James N Epps                      Lot of Sundries                                     .65
    James N Epps                      Bryan Sythe                                           .25
    H M Epps                               Wheat Fan                                              .10
    Mrs Cummings                    Weeding hoe                                         .05
    H Gowen J C Epps              Cubbard & Table                               4.15
    Mrs E T Thomas                  Sifter                                                        .20
    Mrs Cummings                    Bead Quilt                                              .15
    Mrs Cummings                    Bead Quilt                                              .15
    Mrs Cummings                    Bead Quilt                                              .15
    H M Epps                               Oven & Lead                                         .50
    H M Epps                               fire Shovel                                             .10
    H M Epps                               Skillet & Lea                                          .50
    H M Epps                               Oven                                                        .35
    Larra Epps                            Gallon pot & c                                      .65
    H M Epps                               Clock & Bible                                        .10
    H M Epps                               Ladies Saddle                                    5.00
    Mrs Cummings                    Bucket                                                     .10
    Mrs Cummings                    Coffee Mill                                             .10
    Mrs Cummings                    Coffee Mill                                             .05
    Mrs Cummings                    Chairs                                                     .10
    Mrs Cummings                    Looking Glass                                      .25
    Mrs Cummings                    Kittle & Pots                                         .25
    Larra Epps                            Old Saddle                                             .35
    Mrs Cummings                    Water Bucket                                       .05
    H M Epps                               Sow & 5 Piggs                                  17.25
    Mrs Cummings                    Cow                                                     16.00
    H M Epps J C Epps             Sythe & Cradle                                  2.00
    H M Epps J C Epps             3 Hogs                                                38.80
    W Cummings                        2 Shotes                                               7.50
    The above is a true and perfect act of sale of all the personal property of Larry Epps decd. That was sold by me on the on the 17th day of October 1861. Sold on twelve months credit notes with good security taken for the sum.
    Sworn today in submission before me Jan. 24th 1867                            James C. Epps
    J T Grossman Clerk Clerk                    fee 50 ct paid J. T. G.                              Admin
    Approved R. Farqu__?___

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  • The most important event in James Craton Jrs. life was his imprisonment in Nashville for the charge of helping kill some government police when they tried to shut down a whiskey still in Lincoln Co. near a place called the Patrick community. The trial was reported in great detail in the Nashville Banner News Paper. The following is not the entire article but only trial excerpts involving James C. Epps. He is the son of James C Epps Sr whose father was Lawrence. It will read discontinuously in some places since large parts have been skipped.

    NASHVILLE BANNER Tuesday Evening, May 23, 1893
    The United States Circuit, Court-room was crowded yesterday afternoon at 2 o’clock when Marshal Harrison convened (sic) the court. Judge Taft presided. (William Howard Taft served as federal circuit judge of the Sixth Circuit Court from 1892 to 1900. He was civil governor of the Philippines from 1901 to 1904. He was elected 27th President of the United States in 1908. In 1921, he was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.)
    Prosecutor testimony regarding the Lincoln County killings:
    For six months they have languished in the Davidson County jail and the confinement has told on their faces. Patrick’s face still retains a flush, which is rather hectic, however, but Petty’s skin is chalky-white and in marked contrast to his coal-black hair and moustache(sic). Epps’ eyes look sunken and his skin clammy. The contrast between the appearance of the men is something remarkable. Patrick is between 30 and 35 years old, and has a handsome, intelligent face. He is a large land owner and his alleged accomplices were hands employed on his farm. Petty looks to be near Patrick’s age, but his forehead is low, his eyes are close together, and his countenance lacks the light of intelligence. Epps is past the prime of life by a decade, as is evidenced by his bald head, gray hair and moustache. He has a thoroughly responsible look. As to the outcome of the case Patrick displays the greatest concern, because, perhaps, his superior intelligence tells him more clearly the enormity of the crime with which he stands charged. Judge Taft then put the question to each defendant separately and each responded in full clear voice, ‘Not Guilty.’ Epps’ reply was in a cracked voice, though evidently from age and not fear or excitement. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Untitled 

    Here is a comment Buck wrote.. Since a lot of people do not read the comments I thought it would be a good idea to post it.

    J D Epps husband of Lois Kent is Joseph Daniel Epps son of James Craton Epps Jr. He was born 30 Nov. 1891. His mother was Adlade Fox Epps also called Addie. She was the second wife of James Craton Epps Jr.   Dovie is Hepsey Jane Epps daughter of James Craton Epps Jr. and Hepsey Prosser.  Bettie is Elizabeth Epps another daughter of James Craton Epps Jr. and his first wife Hepsey Prosser. 
    The W. C. Epps is a son of Hugh M Epps named William C Epps. The C probably is either Cole his mothers maiden name or Craton his grandmothers maiden name.  Mary J Epps in the Simms – Land Cemetery above is the first wife of Lawrence Franklin Epps who is the son of Hugh M Epps. Mary Jane’s maiden name was Mason. She died before before Dec 1876 and is the daughter of Solomon Mason. Lawrence F Epps later married Luticia Francis Cotner.

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  •  Buck Epps
    The ancestral line of Lawrence Ward Epps
    Generation 1:
    Lawrence Epps aka Larry
    b. abt. 1782 North Carolina
    d. abt. 20 June 1861 Lincoln Co., Tennessee
    m. 26 Jan. 1807 Wilson Co. Tennessee to Elizabeth Craton
    Elizabeth Craton  (later spelling is Creighton)
    b. abt. 1785 Virginia
    d. bet. 1859 and May 1861 Lincoln Co., Tennessee
      Generation 2 – eldest son of Lawrence and Elizabeth Epps:
      James Craton Epps
      b. 16 Sept. 1808 (according provided by James grandson Clift Moore which was on the  
      death certificate of Lawrence Epps the father of Clift and the son of James Craton he was
      born in Alabama. This would indicate that his father was in Alabama after leaving Wilson
      Co. and coming then to live his whole life in Lincoln Co. Tenn.)
      d. 16 May 1884 Lincoln Co. Tennessee (from tombston in Old Unity Cemetery)
      m. bef. 1835 Nancy Ann Norris in Lincoln Co. Tennessee
      Nancy Ann Norris
      b. 16 Sept. 1809 (source tombstone in Old Unity Cemetery Lincoln Co.)
      d. 6 May 1884
        Generation 3 – third son of James Craton and Nancy Ann Epps
        Lawrence F Epps (not proven but probable that Fstands for Franklin)
        b. 2 Dec 1842 Lincoln Co. Tenn.
        d. 1 Nov 1916 near Christiana in Rutherford Co. Tenn.
        m. 15 Dec 1871 Rutherford Co. Tenn. Mary Elizabeth Smith
        Mary Elizabeth Smith
        b. 14 Dec 1848
        d. 10 Nov 1912
        note: Some have the wife of Lawrence as Mary Jane Mason but this is the first wife of a
        cousin the son of Hugh M Epps that is also named Lawrence Franklin Epps and was
        born 6 Mar 1842 the same year as Lawrence the son of James Craton Epps.
          Generation 4 – third son of Lawrence and Mary Elizabeth Epps
          Clift Moore Epps (named for Alexander Clift and Daniel Moore his brother in laws)
          b. 29 June 1885 Rutherford Co. Tenn.
          d. 8 Nov 1958 Cristoval, Texas and buried in Sonora,Texas
          m. 29 October 1907 Susie Matthews Buchanan in Rutherford Co. Tenn.
          Susie Matthews Buchanan
          b. 5 July 1883 Rutherford Co. Tenn. 
          d. 8 July 1928 San Angelo, Texas
          note: Susie is the seventh child of John Price Buchanan Gov. of Tennessee. She was
          married by her brother Thomas Buchanan a Cumberland Presbyterian minister.
            Generation 5 – second son of Clift Moore and Susie Epps
            Lawrence Buchanan Epps
            b. 13 October 1911 Rutherford Co. Tennessee
            d. 10 February 1998 Greenville, South Carolina
            m. Mar 1939 Edna Ruth Ward Waco, Texas
            note: Marriage preformed by Lawrence’s Methodist minister father Clift Epps.
            Edna Ruth Ward
            b. 27 Nov. 1918 Ogelsby, Coryell Co., Texas
            d. living
              Generation 6 – eldest son of Lawrence and Ruth Epps
              Lawrence Ward Epps aka Buck
              b. 30 May 1940
              d. living
              m. 28 Dec. 1965 Dianne Carl Mick Freeport, Texas
              Dianne Carl Mick
              b. 25 May 1945
              d. living

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  • Buck Epps

    The son of Hugh Montgomery Epps should be John G Epps not John J.  The G most likely stands for the maiden name of his grandmother Nancy Graves. The G also might stand for Gilbert one of his uncles. I have his death as 8 Feb 1863 in Union Army hospital at Nashville. The following also shows his initial to be G.



    J. G. Epps – 8th Inf Reg. Tenn. CSA, Co. D, Rank in Ordnance Sergeant – Rank Out Ordnance; Mustered in 18 May 61. Elected Ord. Sgt. at reorganization, 8 May 62; wounded at Murfreesboro, TN., 31 Dec. 62; In Hospital, died 8 Feb. 63. 
    John Epps enlisted on the same day into the same company as his cousin John Norris Epps. He was fatally wounded at the battle of Stones River. John Norris was also wounded but recovered quickly and John Norris brother Lawrence was severly wounded and captured. Lawrence ultimately wound up in a Union prison camp in Maryland before he was exchanged. He did very little fighting after this due to his long term problem with the wound. He eventually was with Gen. Hood on his retreat in the winter from Atlanta back to Nashville. John G. is mentioned by his aunt Margaret Jane in the depositions you sent to me about the law suit.
     Hugh M C had another child named Lucy on the 1850 LCT census age 8 which would put her born between 1841 and 1842. That is all the information I have on this girl.
    Lawrence F Epps second marriage was to Luticia Francis Cotner in Marshall Co. Tn. They married 21 Ec 1876.  His first marriage was to Mary Jane Mason 11 Nov. 1866 in Lincoln Co.  Mary Jane has been incorrectly linked to my great grandfather Lawrence who has a birth day very close to this first cousin but he never married Mary Jane Mason.
    Margaret J is Margaret Jane Epps.



    Children of Lawrence Epps
    James Craton Epps
    b 16 Sep 1808  Tenn.   Wilson or Lincoln? 
    d. 16 May 1884 near Petersburg, Lincoln Co., Tenn.
    m. bef. Sep 1835 Nancy Ann Norris  Lincoln Co. Tenn.





    James Craton who married Jenny Womack in Wilson Co. Dec. 30, 1808. This has to be a brother of Elizabeth Craton who married Lawrence Epps in Wilson Co.on 26 Jan 1807. It almost certain that this James Craton is the brother of Lawrence’s wife.
    Mary A Prewitt is not the daughter Pleasant Epps. She is the daughter of Mahala and James Prewitt.  Mary married on date you give to B F Hankins
    William Epps grandson of Lawrence is the son of Pleasant. He married Francis Richardson on the date you give. He died before 1870
    Hepsey Epps
    b. bet. Aug 1807-1809
    d. bet. 1852 – 1857
    m. abt 1833 to William Painter
    Mahala Epps
    b. bet. Aug 1807 – 1809
    d. bet. 1837 – 1839
    m. bef. 1830 to James Madison Prewitt
    Pleasant M. Epps
    b. abt. 1815
    d. bet, Nov. 1850 – 1853
    m. 20 Oct 1838 Elizabeth Neil
    Hiram Epps
    b. bet. 1811 – 1819
    d. unknown
    m. 10 Mar. 1840 Lincoln co. to Fenetta Weaver
    Hugh Montgomery C Epps
    b. 4 May 1821 LIncoln Co. Tenn
    d. 9 Sep 1877 Lincoln Co. buried in Stone Cemetery near Belleville Tn.
    m. 18 Dec. 1839 Lincoln Co. to Elizabeth Cole
    Margaret Jane Epps
    b. abt. 1820 Lincoln Co. Tn.
    d. aft. 31 Aug 1870
    m. first John Ray 21 June 1840 Lincoln Co. and second 14 Sept. 1847 Thomas J Cummins 
    Gilbert B. Epps
    b bet. 1819 -1825 Lincoln co. Tn.
    d 1890 Crawford Co., Ark.
    m first 28 Jun 1846 Yalobusha Co., Mississippi to Martha Ann Priddy and second 4 Aug 1861  Tallahatchie County, Mississippi  Susanna Cox 

    James Craton Epps the first son of Lawrence and Elizabeth is probably named for his mothers brother James Craton. The name James Craton has come down through many generations but with the spelling Creighton instead of Craton.

    The above information submitted by Lawrence Epps, here known as Buck!



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