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    Buck Epps

    The son of Hugh Montgomery Epps should be John G Epps not John J.  The G most likely stands for the maiden name of his grandmother Nancy Graves. The G also might stand for Gilbert one of his uncles. I have his death as 8 Feb 1863 in Union Army hospital at Nashville. The following also shows his initial to be G.



    J. G. Epps – 8th Inf Reg. Tenn. CSA, Co. D, Rank in Ordnance Sergeant – Rank Out Ordnance; Mustered in 18 May 61. Elected Ord. Sgt. at reorganization, 8 May 62; wounded at Murfreesboro, TN., 31 Dec. 62; In Hospital, died 8 Feb. 63. 
    John Epps enlisted on the same day into the same company as his cousin John Norris Epps. He was fatally wounded at the battle of Stones River. John Norris was also wounded but recovered quickly and John Norris brother Lawrence was severly wounded and captured. Lawrence ultimately wound up in a Union prison camp in Maryland before he was exchanged. He did very little fighting after this due to his long term problem with the wound. He eventually was with Gen. Hood on his retreat in the winter from Atlanta back to Nashville. John G. is mentioned by his aunt Margaret Jane in the depositions you sent to me about the law suit.
     Hugh M C had another child named Lucy on the 1850 LCT census age 8 which would put her born between 1841 and 1842. That is all the information I have on this girl.
    Lawrence F Epps second marriage was to Luticia Francis Cotner in Marshall Co. Tn. They married 21 Ec 1876.  His first marriage was to Mary Jane Mason 11 Nov. 1866 in Lincoln Co.  Mary Jane has been incorrectly linked to my great grandfather Lawrence who has a birth day very close to this first cousin but he never married Mary Jane Mason.
    Margaret J is Margaret Jane Epps.



    Children of Lawrence Epps
    James Craton Epps
    b 16 Sep 1808  Tenn.   Wilson or Lincoln? 
    d. 16 May 1884 near Petersburg, Lincoln Co., Tenn.
    m. bef. Sep 1835 Nancy Ann Norris  Lincoln Co. Tenn.





    James Craton who married Jenny Womack in Wilson Co. Dec. 30, 1808. This has to be a brother of Elizabeth Craton who married Lawrence Epps in Wilson Co.on 26 Jan 1807. It almost certain that this James Craton is the brother of Lawrence’s wife.
    Mary A Prewitt is not the daughter Pleasant Epps. She is the daughter of Mahala and James Prewitt.  Mary married on date you give to B F Hankins
    William Epps grandson of Lawrence is the son of Pleasant. He married Francis Richardson on the date you give. He died before 1870
    Hepsey Epps
    b. bet. Aug 1807-1809
    d. bet. 1852 – 1857
    m. abt 1833 to William Painter
    Mahala Epps
    b. bet. Aug 1807 – 1809
    d. bet. 1837 – 1839
    m. bef. 1830 to James Madison Prewitt
    Pleasant M. Epps
    b. abt. 1815
    d. bet, Nov. 1850 – 1853
    m. 20 Oct 1838 Elizabeth Neil
    Hiram Epps
    b. bet. 1811 – 1819
    d. unknown
    m. 10 Mar. 1840 Lincoln co. to Fenetta Weaver
    Hugh Montgomery C Epps
    b. 4 May 1821 LIncoln Co. Tenn
    d. 9 Sep 1877 Lincoln Co. buried in Stone Cemetery near Belleville Tn.
    m. 18 Dec. 1839 Lincoln Co. to Elizabeth Cole
    Margaret Jane Epps
    b. abt. 1820 Lincoln Co. Tn.
    d. aft. 31 Aug 1870
    m. first John Ray 21 June 1840 Lincoln Co. and second 14 Sept. 1847 Thomas J Cummins 
    Gilbert B. Epps
    b bet. 1819 -1825 Lincoln co. Tn.
    d 1890 Crawford Co., Ark.
    m first 28 Jun 1846 Yalobusha Co., Mississippi to Martha Ann Priddy and second 4 Aug 1861  Tallahatchie County, Mississippi  Susanna Cox 

    James Craton Epps the first son of Lawrence and Elizabeth is probably named for his mothers brother James Craton. The name James Craton has come down through many generations but with the spelling Creighton instead of Craton.

    The above information submitted by Lawrence Epps, here known as Buck!



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