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  • Born:        27 December 1855, Marshall County, TN

    Married:  12 January 1874, Marshall County, TN

    Died:          17 December 1927, Norman, Cleveland, OK

    Father:     Samuel Beshett or Beckett Chesser

    Mother:   Martha Nickles, or Nichols

    Wife of Joseph Chesser     

    Narcissa Paron Whitaker              Marshall County,TN

    Born:            August 1856

    Died              1904     at the family’s farm in Texas.

    Father:        Francis M. Whitaker

    Mother:       Caroline M. Hall  


    Morgan Chesser, Male,  born August 1878  in Tennessee.

    Benjamin Chesser, Male, born February 1880 in Tennessee.

    Lee A. Chesser, Male, born July 1881 in Tennessee, his spouse was Nancy.

    Oder Chesser, Female, born March 1885 in Tennessee

    Ona Chesser, Female, born May 1886 in Tennessee

    Birdie Chesser, Female, born  April 1888

    Lois Chesser, Female born August 1890 in Tennessee

    William Clifford Chesser, Male, born 22 July 1895 in Bells, Fanning County, Tx. He married 4 November 1917 in Cornith, Harmon County, Ok to Julia Paril Rebeca Ince. He died 25 May 1960 in Altus, Jackson County, OK.

    Perry Morris Chesser, Male, born 14 November 1897 , died January 1973, his spouse was Minnie.

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