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  • I go to the Moulton Archives, in Moulton, AL to do family research . The lady there Wendy is awesome and if you have any reason to research in that area the Archives is a gold mine.

    I asked Wendy could I copy the list of wars. I was given permission. I want to share it here. How many times have you come across some of your family members that served in a war and had to google the dates of the war. Now you wont have to. Thank you Wendy and Lawrence Co Archives.

    Revolutionary War

    Six years , nine months

    July 1776-April 1783


    War of 1812

    Two years, six months

    June 1812-December 1814


    Civil War

    Four years

    April 1861-April 1865


    Us-Mexico War

    One year, 10 months

    April 1846- February 1848


    Spanish-American War

    Eight Months

    April-December 1898


    World War I

    One year, seven months

    April 1917-November 1918


    World War II

    Three years, eight months

    December 1941-August 1945


    Korean War

    Three years, one month

    June 1850-July 1953


    Vietnam War

    Eight years, five months

    August 1964-January 1973


    Persian Gulf War

    1 year one month

    January 1990-February 1991



    October 2001-September 2010 +



    March 2003-September 2010 +


    If you find I made an error please correct me.

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