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  • I need information about Amanda Epps. She showed up August 3, 1845 in the registry of Cane Creek Christian Church of Marshall County TN.

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  • Researching Crayton’s, Creighton’s, Craton’s

    Looking for these names in Moulton, Lawrence Co, Alabama

    They possibly could have been in several towns in Mississippi.

    Itawamba, Tishomingo, Mississippi


    Elizabeth Crayton

    Thomas Crayton

    James Crayton

    James W. Crayton

    Catharine Craton

    James Craton

    Margaret, Wife of James, Craton



    Water Crayton married Lethie Swoope  January 9, 1910

    Mat Crayton married Vivian Lipscomb March 25, 1917

    Richard Crayton married Julia Ann Byrd December 24, 1922 we also have it December 15, 1922

    Charlie Crayton married Minnie Owen  December 26, 1927

    Kellie Crayton married May Maggie Lean Goodlow May 31, 1942

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  • Fitzpatrick Marriages

    Madison County Georgia


    Thomas Fitzpatrick  married Lettice Millican   19 October 1831

    Mary Fitzpatrick married William Cleghorn 20 December  1837

    Gilford (Guilford) Fitzpatrick married Katharine (Catherine) Shinn 24 May 1842

    Sarah Fitzpatrick married Abnor B. Perry  30 July 1846


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  • I have been going through 30 years of genealogy in numerous boxes trying to organize to list here along with Ancestry. I have been a member of Ancestry for over 30 years.

    I found several pages titled  “Joseph Habersham  Historical Collections.”

    Written on the bottom of page 476 was “Historical Collections of the Joseph Habersham Chapter D.A.R.  Vol II  1902

    Page 477

    Hon. Herbert Fielder, a prominent member of the bar for over thirty years, of Americus, was grandson of Joseph Heard and a son of Obadiah M.B. Fielder and Catherine Heard.

    Also, the following is a transcript from a record of the Fitzpatrick (my wife’s) family: “The Fitzpatrick who came to Virginia from Ireland about 1710 had three sone, Thomas, William and Joseph, besides daughters. His son Joseph was born 1720. Migrated to Georgia and settled in Greene county. He died at the age of 52 years. His wife, Martha (Martha Napier), died at the age of 106 years. His sons were five, Benjamin, Joseph, William, Booth, Rene. Daughters three. One married Joseph Heard, one Thomas Heard and one Robert Wright:

    The Martha Napier spoken of in the Fitzpatrick transcript was the grandmother of Joseph Heard, of Morgan County, an account of whom I have given above.

    R.J. Massey

    Page 577

    Joseph Heard, who married a Miss Fitzpatrick, was, I believe, a son of Charles Heard. Charles Heard was the uncle of Captain Thomas Heard; therefore, these brothers-in-law were first cousins.

    Page 452

    Mary Heard(daughter of Jessee and Judith) married a Mr. Grier adn died in Alabama, near the Alabama River. She left children , sons and daughters, and their uncle carried them to Mecklenburg County, N.C.  Robert Grier, her youngest son, married a Miss Fitzpatrick and moved to Texas, where he died. He was a handsome and educated man.

    Page 454

    Thomas Heard (son of Stephen and Mary) born in 1742 in Virginia; Captain in the Revolutionary Virginia State Troops; married Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, who was born in Virginia 1750. They lived in Virginia until 1784 when they removed to Greene County, G. Their children: Catherine, Abram, Mary, Elizabeth, Sally, Woodson, George and Falkner.

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  • Lilly Family plot in the “New” Section of Oconee Hill Cemetery, Athens, GA. It is not listed in the grave registery who is buried here but the stone indicates, Edward Lilly, his wife Sarah, and others who formerly were buried in a family graveyard behind the family home in the Five Points Area of Athens, GA .When the property was sold the bodies were moved to Oconee Hill, around 1890-1900.

    Edward Lilly Grave, Oconee Hill Ga


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  • The Lumpkin House still stands on the University of Georgia Campus.  Governor Lumpkin erected a home that expressed his inward idea of life.

    The Atlanta Journal, Sunday magazine, May 20, 1934 had a very good article about the Lumpkin House and Governor Wilson Lumpkin. The daughter of Governor Lumpkin, Martha Lumpkin Compton, was owner of the house after Governor Lumpkin passed away. Atlanta at that time was called Terminus and where the house was located was Marthasville. It kept this title until the growing city adopted a new name – Atlanta.

    Governor Lumpkin had several workers and skilled artisans. One was my Gr Gr Gr Grandfather Edward Lilly, of Ireland who was the stonemason.


    Lumpkin House

    You can read more about this house here at this link

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    Lists in one household:

    Edward Lilly (stonemason, born in Ireland)  47 year old

    Sarah Ann   Wife   46 year old

    John      18 year old

    Mariah  15 year old

    Thomas  14 year old

    James  13 year old

    Minerva  12 year old

    Robert  9 year old

    $1000 Value in real estate, and $225.00 in personal property.


    Lists in one household:

    Edward Lilly     55 year old

    Sarah                  52 year od

    John                   27 year old (listed as stonemason)

    Maria                 25 year old

    Minerva            20 year old

    Robert              18 year old (also listed as stonemason)

    $4000 in realestate and $1500 in personal property



    Lists in one household:

    Edward Lilly       65 years old (stonemason)

    Sarah A                62 years old (keeping house)

    Mariah                 36 years old (at home)

    Minerva               31 years old (at home)


    John Lilly    38 year old (stonemason)

    Charity E.    36 year old (keeping house)

    Albert W.     11 year old ( in school)

    Sarah M.       6 year old

    Smith H.       3 year old

    Singleton      1 year old


    Thomas Lilly   35 year old (brick mason)

    Lizzie     30 year old (keeping house)

    Zotta or Zetta 9 year old  (in school)

    Geneva  3 year old         ( note  this was my Gr Grandmother who married Authur Eugene Fitzpatrick)


    Robert Lilly   28 year old (stonemason)

    Virginia  19 year old (keeping house)

    Frederick A (died during the census)





    In one household

    John Lilly  57  year old (stonemason- out of work 6 months)

    Charity    55 year old

    Married 33 years with 7 children 6 living

    Both read and write English

    Living in a rented house- 329 Washington Street, Athens, GA


    Athens Georgia City Directory 1900

    In the residence at 329 Washington Street

    John Lilly – Stonemason

    Cora Lilly- Teacher

    John, Jr.-News carrier for Athens Banner

    Shingleton- News carrier for Athens Banner

    Smith H- Stonemason

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  • After a bazillion years of researching I finally found my Great Great Grandparents on my fathers side. Thomas Cowan and Catherine McKelvey Cowan of Pennsylvania.

    I found another article with them in the article.

    It listed him as Thomas Cohen and Catharine McKelsey of Upland, Delaware Co, PA.    It came from North America, Family Histories, 1600-2000   Hannun Family, The Genealogy of Hannum Family descended from John and Margery Hannum Settlers of Chester PA.  North American, Family Histories 1500-2000 page 464.



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  • Right now I am aggravated , angry, sad and as we say in the South ” mad as two wet hens.”

    This year marks my twentieth eighth year of genealogy. I LOVE GENEALOGY, I love the hunt, I love visiting cemeteries and admiring the tombstones from hundreds of years ago. I like think about the people that are in the ground, are they in wooden coffins or are they in a fancy coffin, what type of life they had,  were they rich were they poor. If it was a woman she possibly had children and grandchildren did she wear an apron, cook apple pies, wash her clothes on a rub board and then hang out on the lines to dry?  Was she a skinny woman or one of those fat fluffy women that we all loved to crawl up in those kind of grannies lap and smell the scent of powder that she perfumed herself with while she hugged us and gave us a million kisses.   Was PawPaw a farmer, or did he work at the bank, wear overalls, chew tobacco or dress up in a suit, tie and hat?  You get the idea, if you have ever visited one while you were researching you know exactly what I am talking about.  Today I visited one in Northeast AL, Piedmont, AL to be exact and I am very sad for a lot of reasons. You see this one was damaged and it is very old.

    Some of the early settlers of the area are buried here. I saw a lot of beer bottles , broken tombstones, turned over tombstones, potato chip bags , soda bottles and golf balls.Time did not break these tombstones. SOME TRASH OF A CRIMINAL DID THIS. Who does this kind of activity? Who is so much of a low of a life and bored that they feel they have to go in a cemetery to cause destruction? CRIMINALS, TRASH, SCUM OF THE EARTH.

    I want you to look at these pictures at what some heathen did.  Why would ANYONE want to desecrate a cemetery?  It broke my heart. Can it be corrected? Can someone help restore this old cemetery back to what it should be or does no one really care anymore?

    What really should happen here is some company donate a fence, enclose the property and the citizens whether it be a Girl Scout/Boy Scout or some church organization should go here and clean this place up. Someone should volunteer to keep it cleaned up. This is families, people that used to walk the earth.  I’d even suggest the city let the jail workers go up there and clean it up.  I tried to stand up as many tombstones as I could and it truly was sad and I am very angry that people would do this and then no one will correct it. My husband Gary said “you have been in 1000’s of cemeteries all over the USA and this one by far has been the worst one.”

    One day it will be “Oh I think there used to be a cemetery there.” Reason being, it will either be overrun with weeds, bushes and someone will have totally destroyed the place.

    I lived my early life in this area until I graduated a long time ago. I was shocked and saddened that this type of thing happened. NEVER would anyone of my era even think of this. I am coming back soon with some chalk going to the place, documenting every stone that is there for future generations of researchers. I hope to see it in better shape .































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  • Laura Agnes Jackson Taylor and John Taylor cemetery marker

    John Taylor was born June 5, 1883 in Cleburne County, AL .  He was the son of James M.(JimRoe) Taylor and Susan Garmon.

    John married Laura Agnes Jackson 23 December 1905 in Choccolocco, Calhoun Co Alabama.  John died March 1, 1958 in Oxford, Calhoun County, AL and he is buried in White Plains, AL at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.

    Laura Agnes Jackson Taylor was the daughter of Millard Jackson and Fannie Williams. Laura was born 3 Feb 1890 in Dekalb Co, AL

    She died 25 May 1953 in Oxford, Calhoun Co, AL and is buried at Harmony Cemetery in White Plains, AL


    The Children of this union were Sadie Mae Taylor (Fitzpatrick)  Minnie Leee Taylor (Faulkner)  Cleve Gay Taylor, Russell Harvey Taylor, Ethel Taylor(Reaves)  Alton Paul Taylor, Pauline Taylor (Williams)  Hellen Taylor (Smith)  Ellen Taylor (Burke)  Willard O’dell Taylor.

    If any of you have any of the following information or connections to this family which is my direct line please contact me, Chris Epps Wheeler at

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