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  • Calling All Crayton’s, Creighton’s, Craton’s!

    Researching Crayton’s, Creighton’s, Craton’s

    Looking for these names in Moulton, Lawrence Co, Alabama

    They possibly could have been in several towns in Mississippi.

    Itawamba, Tishomingo, Mississippi


    Elizabeth Crayton

    Thomas Crayton

    James Crayton

    James W. Crayton

    Catharine Craton

    James Craton

    Margaret, Wife of James, Craton



    Water Crayton married Lethie Swoope  January 9, 1910

    Mat Crayton married Vivian Lipscomb March 25, 1917

    Richard Crayton married Julia Ann Byrd December 24, 1922 we also have it December 15, 1922

    Charlie Crayton married Minnie Owen  December 26, 1927

    Kellie Crayton married May Maggie Lean Goodlow May 31, 1942

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