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  • Milliard Fillmore Jackson son of Alfred Jackson was born about 1861 in Alabama and he died July 1934 in Oklahoma or Texas. He married first Mary Frances William about 1876 in Ft. Payne, Dekalb, AL.  Mary Frances was the daughter of James Williams and Sara Jones. She was born 20 May 1859 in Carroll County, Georgia and died 14 October 1904 in Ft. Payne, AL. Milliard married Mattie Miller 15, July 1892 in Montague County, Texas, daughter of Madison Miller and Luisa Teakell. Mattie Miller was born October 1877 in Montague Co, Texas.

    Rumor has it he was married to Mattie and Mary Frances at the same time.

    Millard is listed on the 1870 Census of Cleburn Co, Al with his siblings and mother listed under his step-father Jasper Hicks. Missing from this census is Mary E. who would have been 14 years of age and James Alfred who would have been 10 years of age.


    Census 1:   1870  Cleburne Co, AL with stepfather at age 9 years

    Census 2:   1880 DeKalb Co, AL with wife and 2 children

    Census 3:  1910 Choctaw Co, OK with wife and 4 children

    Census 4: 1920 Montague Co, Texas with wife and 5 children

    Notes for Mary Frances Williams

    Mary Frances “Fannie” Williams, Jackson, Higgins is buried in the Jackson Plots of Walker Chapel Cemetery, Ft. Payne, AL as Fannie Higgings, indicating date of birth as May 20, 1863. However she was born in 1859 per US Federal Census of Carroll County, GA for 1879 and indicated she was 11 years old.

    Further, The US Federal Census of DeKalb of DeKalb County, AL for 1880 indicated she was 19 years old. The census 1870 states she was employed along with her mother and sisters at the Carroll County Cotton Gin at age 9 years. This following the death of her father in Florida in February 1864 as a PVT in the Georgia Infantry of the Confedercy. By the time of the 1880 Census for DeKalb County, Alabama “Fannie” was married to Millard Fillmore Jackson with two daughters Julia , age 3 and Sarah age 6 months (Nov) 1879.

    Milliard later went off to seek his fortune in Texas leaving “Fannie” and seven children. He was later reported by his mother to have been killed in Texas. As the story goes Fannie had a milk cow she was going to sell in order to have his body shipped back to Alabama. However his mother told Fannie NOT to sell the cow that she would need the milk for the small children and that she would take care of the arrangements in Texas and bury him there. He had in fact met and married another lady , Mattie Miller on July 15, 1892 of Montague County, Texas and his first child of this marriage was born in 1896. it is said by descendents who remarried in DeKalb County Alabama that Fannie waited the required seven years to have Millard declared dead before marrying Joseph D. Higgins and living with them were five of Fannies surviving children. Unaccounted for are Julia and Sara. Since Fannie never left the Ft. Payne, DeKalb area, it is logical to assume they are buried in one of the cemeteries in Ft. Payne. Joseph Higgins apparantly adored Fannie and though he was on 33 years old at her death he never remarried. He is buried in the Family plot with Fannie at Walker’s Chapel in Ft. Payne, AL on June 4, 1934

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  • Cynthia Jane “Dollie” Taylor

    Born: 1887

    Place: Alabama

    Married: December 26, 1898 William Andrew Jack Kemp

    Married Place: Calhoun County, AL

    Buried: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

    Calhoun Country, AL


    Father of Cynthia Jane “Dollie” Taylor

    James F. “JimRoe” Taylor

    Born: July 15, 1852

    Place: Alabama

    Married : 1879

    Married Place: Unknown

    Died: July 13, 1928

    Buried: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

    Calhoun County, AL


    Mother of Cynthia Jane “Dollie” Taylor

    Susan Garmon

    Born: March 5, 1849

    Place: Atlanta, Georgia

    Died: August 25, 1938

    Buried: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

    Calhoun County, AL


    Father of James F. “JimRoe” Taylor

    David Thomas Taylor

    Born: October 17 ,1830

    Place: Georgia

    Died: September 1895

    Buried: Dearmanville Methodist Cemetery


    Mother of James F. “JimRoe” Taylor

    Harriet Finch

    Birth place: Georgia


    Father of David Thomas Taylor,

    Joshua Taylor

    Mother of David Thomas Taylor

    Cynthia Thompson or Cynthia Thomason


    Father of Susan Garmon

    Adam Garmon

    Born: 1823

    Birth Place: South Carolina

    Married: November 1849 Some records say Nov 10.

    Married Place:Forsyth Co. Ga

    Died: 1909

    Death Place: Talledgea, AL


    Mother of Susan Garmon

    Jessie Caroline Simmons

    Born: 1829

    Birth Place: Georgia

    Died 1880

    Death Place: Oxford, Al


    Father of Adam Garmon

    Michael Garmon

    Birth: 1790

    Death: 1873


    Mother of Adam Garmon

    Mary Campbell



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