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  • Cynthia Jane “Dollie” Taylor

    Cynthia Jane “Dollie” Taylor

    Born: 1887

    Place: Alabama

    Married: December 26, 1898 William Andrew Jack Kemp

    Married Place: Calhoun County, AL

    Buried: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

    Calhoun Country, AL


    Father of Cynthia Jane “Dollie” Taylor

    James F. “JimRoe” Taylor

    Born: July 15, 1852

    Place: Alabama

    Married : 1879

    Married Place: Unknown

    Died: July 13, 1928

    Buried: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

    Calhoun County, AL


    Mother of Cynthia Jane “Dollie” Taylor

    Susan Garmon

    Born: March 5, 1849

    Place: Atlanta, Georgia

    Died: August 25, 1938

    Buried: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

    Calhoun County, AL


    Father of James F. “JimRoe” Taylor

    David Thomas Taylor

    Born: October 17 ,1830

    Place: Georgia

    Died: September 1895

    Buried: Dearmanville Methodist Cemetery


    Mother of James F. “JimRoe” Taylor

    Harriet Finch

    Birth place: Georgia


    Father of David Thomas Taylor,

    Joshua Taylor

    Mother of David Thomas Taylor

    Cynthia Thompson or Cynthia Thomason


    Father of Susan Garmon

    Adam Garmon

    Born: 1823

    Birth Place: South Carolina

    Married: November 1849 Some records say Nov 10.

    Married Place:Forsyth Co. Ga

    Died: 1909

    Death Place: Talledgea, AL


    Mother of Susan Garmon

    Jessie Caroline Simmons

    Born: 1829

    Birth Place: Georgia

    Died 1880

    Death Place: Oxford, Al


    Father of Adam Garmon

    Michael Garmon

    Birth: 1790

    Death: 1873


    Mother of Adam Garmon

    Mary Campbell



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