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    Wanted information on Mathias Nichols and Mary Jane Holland.

    Also the following people I am looking for information and pictures as well. Elizabeth Nichols who married William Martin Finley.

    Susan Nichols who married Liehue Vinson

    Louiza Nichols who married John Sellers

    James Asa Nichols married Mary Jane Daugherty

    William T. Nichols who married Sarah Jane Sadler

    John P. Nichols,  Asa Holland, Tenneson Chesser.


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  • Here is some miscellaneous information I have on Samuel Beshett Chesser and Samuel George Chesser in 1850

    1850 U.S. Census, Lincoln County, 1st Subdivision, Tennessee PG 145

    Roll 887, Population Schedule, October 3, 1950, 546/546

    Chesser, Samuel, age 46 M/W  Farmer, NC

    Chesser, Nancy, age 44 F/W, TN Over age of 20 and cannot read or write

    Chesser, William, age 21, M/W TN Over age of 20 and can not read or write

    Chesser, Dolly Ann, age 18 ( difficult to read her age so this may not be correct.) F/W born AL

    Chesser, Charles, age 15 M/W AL Attended school within the year.

    Chesser, John, age 13 M/W, AL Attended school within the year.

    Chesser, Lydia, age 11, F/W, AL Attended school within the year.

    Chesser, Nancy, age 9 F/w AL

    Chesser, Louisa(difficult to read name) age 5, TN


    1850 Census, Lincoln County, District 11, Tennessee, PG 138 Popular Schedule, September 25, 1850  464/464

    Chesser, S.B. age 32, M/W/, TN

    Chesser, ___th___(difficult to read) And this would be Martha..  Age 23, F/W TN

    Chesser, James, age 2 M/W TN



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  • I am working on the Chesser/Chesire line in my family.

    Any one have any information on this bunch?

    Tennison Chesser born 1780 in Wilkes, NC, died 1850 in Liberty, Georgia. Married Mary Gray 1800.

    Tennison’s father was Tennison Chesser born 1734 in St. Mary’s, Maryland and he died 1804 in Darlington, SC

    Mary Gray born 19 September 1774 in Surry, Wilkes Co, NC, died 18 Mar 1847 in Lincoln County, Tennessee

    Her father was Samuel Gray and her mother was Rachel Sales


    Children of this union was

    Rachel Chesser born 12 August 1803 in NC

    Smauel George Chesser born 12 August 1803 in NC,  died 1850 in Tennessee

    Leroy Chesser born 1808 in Liberty, GA, died 1892 in Alachua, FL

    Margie Malinda Chesser born 18 April 1811

    William Thomas Chesser born 5 October 1812 in Liberty, GA and died 1886 in Chesser Island, Charlton, GA

    Harriet Emaline Chesser born 16 November 1819 in Liberty, Georgia and died 1893 Camden, GA

    James S. Chesser born 1821 in Liberty, GA

    Lavina Chesser born 1825 in Liberty, GA

    FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME AT  put Chesser info in the subject.. Thank you.

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  • Descendants of Tennesson Chesser

    Generation  No. 1

    Tennesson Chesser was born 1780 in North Carolina, and died before 1850 in Alabama. He married Mary Gary 1800, in Wilkes Co. North Carolina. Mary was the daughter of Samuel Gray and Rachel Sale. She was born 1780 in North Carolina and died 18, March 1847 in Tennessee.

    I do have records also stating that Mary Gray was born 19 September 1774 in Surrey, Wilkes County, North Carolina and shed died 18 March 1847. So here we have two different birthday’s.

    Child of Tennesson Chesser and Mary Gray is:

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