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  • Descendants of Tennesson Chesser

    Descendants of Tennesson Chesser

    Generation  No. 1

    Tennesson Chesser was born 1780 in North Carolina, and died before 1850 in Alabama. He married Mary Gary 1800, in Wilkes Co. North Carolina. Mary was the daughter of Samuel Gray and Rachel Sale. She was born 1780 in North Carolina and died 18, March 1847 in Tennessee.

    I do have records also stating that Mary Gray was born 19 September 1774 in Surrey, Wilkes County, North Carolina and shed died 18 March 1847. So here we have two different birthday’s.

    Child of Tennesson Chesser and Mary Gray is:

    Samuel G. Chesser born 12 August 1803 North Carolina and died about 1850-1895 in Tennessee

    I am assuming the G. stands for Gray.. Samuel Gray.  I also have on another record stating he was born Aug 12, 1806.

    Samuel G. Chesser son of Tennesson Chesser married Nancy Beshett.. I have seen it Beskett but it is BESHETT.  Nancy was born 1806 in Tennessee . I do not have her death record right here but when I do I will post.

    Children of Samuel Gray Chesser and Nancy Beshett Chesser are:

    Samuel Beshett Chesser born October 2, 1827, Lincoln County Tennessee, Died November 25, 1911 Lincoln County Tennessee.

    William Chesser born 1829 Tennessee

    Polly Ann Chesser born 1832 Alabama

    Charles Chesser born November 1836 , Alabama

    John Chesser born 1837 Alabama  Married a woman named Mouring

    Lydia Chesser born 1839 Alabama. Married a man named Peter C. Vaughn, 22 May 1861 Marshall County, Tennessee

    Nancy Chesser born 1841  Alabama

    Louiza Chesser born 1848

    Samuel Beshett Chesser

    Son of Samuel G. Chesser was born 2 October 1827 in Lincoln County Tennessee and died 25 November 1911 in Lincoln County, Tennessee.. He married Martha Nichols, 27 July 1846 in Marshall County Tennessee. She was born 7 January 1879 in Marshall County Tennessee. Martha died 16, January 1879 in Lincoln County Tennessee.  He married Sarah Minerva Robinson 26 May 1879 in Marshall County

    Children of Samuel Beshett Chesser and Martha Nichols are:

    Joseph S. Chesser born 7 November 1854 in Tennessee, died 17 December 1927, Norman, Cleveland County Oklahoma.

    James W. Chesser, Born 10 September 1848  Tennessee

    Elizabeth Jane Chesser, Born 19 September 1850 Tennessee, Died April 1888

    Martha C. Chesser Born 3 February 1863, Tennessee died 17 April 1940, Arkansas

    Susan N. Chesser, Born 13 August 1865, Tennessee

    Children of Samuel Chesser and his second wife Sarah Robinson are:

    John Clinton Chesser Born 24 August 1880  Died 25 December 1896.

    Mary Ella Chesser Born 30 December 1883 Died 20 July 1972 . She married John Watson 9 September 1908.

    Addie L. Chesser Born 9 May 1886, Died 20 February 1971  Married Earnest R. Hobby.

    Maggie Chesser, Born 30 April 1888, Died 4 August 1936  Married Charles R. Brown

    Maud Chesser Born 18 November 1890.

    Samuel Lush Chesser Born 7 May 1892  Died 16 August 1951 Louisville, KY

    Marie Edmonson Chesser  Born 12 May 1894  Marshall County Tennessee. Died 9 April 1948, Covington, Kenton Co. KY

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