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  • Here is some miscellaneous information I have on Samuel Beshett Chesser and Samuel George Chesser in 1850

    1850 U.S. Census, Lincoln County, 1st Subdivision, Tennessee PG 145

    Roll 887, Population Schedule, October 3, 1950, 546/546

    Chesser, Samuel, age 46 M/W  Farmer, NC

    Chesser, Nancy, age 44 F/W, TN Over age of 20 and cannot read or write

    Chesser, William, age 21, M/W TN Over age of 20 and can not read or write

    Chesser, Dolly Ann, age 18 ( difficult to read her age so this may not be correct.) F/W born AL

    Chesser, Charles, age 15 M/W AL Attended school within the year.

    Chesser, John, age 13 M/W, AL Attended school within the year.

    Chesser, Lydia, age 11, F/W, AL Attended school within the year.

    Chesser, Nancy, age 9 F/w AL

    Chesser, Louisa(difficult to read name) age 5, TN


    1850 Census, Lincoln County, District 11, Tennessee, PG 138 Popular Schedule, September 25, 1850  464/464

    Chesser, S.B. age 32, M/W/, TN

    Chesser, ___th___(difficult to read) And this would be Martha..  Age 23, F/W TN

    Chesser, James, age 2 M/W TN



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  • Mr. and Mrs. Lee Roy Fitzpatrick (Addie Johnson Phillips Fitzpatrick) of 110 West Alabama Street, Piedmont, AL died unexpectedly Tuesday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (car wreck)

    Funeral services will be announced by Mickelsen Brown Service Funeral Home, Piedmont, Al.

    Mr. Fitzpatrick is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Leroy Myers of Birmingham (Janice) Mrs W.C. Studdard of Piedmont, Al (Marion) and Mrs. Billy Epps of Piedmont, AL (Retha), a son Leroy Fitzpatrick of Oxford, AL; two sisters, Mrs. Irby Bannister (Maria) of Anniston, Al and Mrs. Toby Whiteside (Vada) of Watkinsville, GA; four brothers, Thomas E. Fitzpatrick of Watkinsville, GA; Ollie Fitzpatrick of Jacksonville, AL, Rufus Fitzpatrick and Harold Fitzpatrick of Piedmont, AL. Mr. Fitzpatrick had 10 grandchildren and a step-grandchild.

    Mrs. Fitzpatrick is survived by a daughther, Mrs. Lee Little (Martha) of Piedmont, AL; a sister, Mrs. Roy Wolfe of Piedmon,AL; and a brother Buck Johnson of Piedmont, AL. She is also survived by a grandson, Phillip Little.

    Mr. Fitzpatrick was a lifelong resident of Piedmont, AL and was a member of the Congregational Holiness Church. He was an employee of  Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Gadsden, Al.

    Mrs. Fitzpatrick was a lifelong resident of Piedmont, AL and was a member of the First Baptist Church.

    (This was my maternial grandfather and step grandmother.)

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  • Margie Evans was suppose to be married to my one of my great uncles, George Rice Vanzant who was born 19 May 1894 in Pennsylvania and he died 28 July 1939 and is buried in Edgemont Cemetery, Anniston, AL

    As the story told to me by Aunt Margaret Epps Scogins is he was a stage hand and he met Margie. She was and actress and she was huge. He brought her to their home in Piedmont, AL and she was so big that she could not sit on the front porch swing.

    They were supposedly married and lived in Anniston, AL for a while. She did not like it and left to go back to New York. They married in NY.

    I wrote The Shubert Archive , 149 West 45St Street, New York, NY 10036 to see if they had any records on a actress Margie Evans and this is what I got back.

    Fat Margie Longs For Real Romance

    300-pounder in “Artists and Models” Can’t Find Some One To Love Her.

    N.Y. Review 1/14/28

    Everybody may love a fat man but no one seems to want a fat woman. Witness the plight of Margie Evans.

    Several years ago Margie made a bid for the movies and landed as the fat lady in the comics. After the first glamour of the screen wore off, Margie turned her thoughts to more tender subjects than the hurling of custard pies. She discovered that her girth- she was known in the movies as the perfect 56- was an obstacle in the matrimonial race.

    Margie began to reduce and did it so effectively that she lost her movie contract last spring. She then joined “Artists and Models” and now has received word that if she loses any more weight she will not be able to play the heavy lady much longer.

    When Margie first started to reduce she weighed a trifle over 450 pounds and was down to 380 when seh left the movies. She has lost an additional 80 pounds since being with the revue at the Winter Garden and now is faced with the decision of giving up her romantic aspirations or putting on additional avoirdupois.

    She would like to know if there aren’t any men who admire slightly plump ladies?

    My note: evidentally they were because according to my family they married in NY and moved to Anniston, Alabama where she became very unhappy and moved back to NY. I have a picture of her and will post it another time when I take time to load all my pictures here. If anybody has any information on Margie please contact me at

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  • I received this 2000 from a man in Florence, SC.

    Most of my stuff came from Mary Harrigan in the late 80’s. By chance, she lived only two blocks from where I grew up in Springfield, Delaware County during the 50’s and 60’s. I had a relative in the area that whole time and did not know it.

    Abraham VanZandt

    He was the first elected sheriff of Delaware, Co, PA. Republican ticket 16 November 1863.

    Death notice spells Vanzant. When I was young name was spelled this way. After WWII my uncle decided it should be spelled Vanzandt. Apparently there was some research then.

    John of Clifton Heights number 2 child of Abraham decendants still use Van Zant.

    Abraham’s family must have lived in the Rockdale Aston area where John P. Crozier had mills.

    Family history states Abraham set up No. 1 Mill in Upland. The dates agree.

    The first Upland Public Grammar School established 1853 – 1856 in house on N.S. Street next to Caleb Pusey House on the West commenced 4 May 1853.  A. Williams, Instructor.

    March 1854 Abraham Rowland Vanzant, Jane, Eliza Louisa, Emeline were students during March, June, July and August. Went to Cartersville School, Chester, Twp, before 1854  Page 139 April 1861. Rowland’s last day in school. 1858 Emeline, Louisa Vanzant move away. “Sad to lose good scholars.”

    1863 Elected Sheriff Delaware County for 2 years. Del Co Republican notes V 39 pg 26  118-129 then he was manager of Osborn Levis Mills, Upper Darby Pa. Many year and he was very prosperous.

    1876 his last public appearance. Read the Declaration of Independance at Flag Raising Centennial Celebration. 1888 assessor at time of his death. 28th Ward. He died of pneumonia.

    Member of Leiperville Lodge IOOF Harrisburg, PA  All records lost in Flood Agnes 1972.

    Lay preacher Methodist Church. Superintendent of Sunday School in Avondale. Jan.. Sunday School established by Mr. Sam Leiper.

    Abraham had been a member of Madison Street Methodist Church, Chester , Pa. All records were destroyed and words added BAD BLOOD.. Abraham most likely got involved with a female church member.

    Mary Ann his wife is reported to have a very bad temper.

    Abraham was buried from Son George Rice Vanzant’s house 8th and Church Streets Upland, PA then from Church. Ministers from Upland Methodist and Trinity Methodist in attendance as were the members from the Lodge.



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  • Here are the other Verlenden children and their spouses. Unfortunately  the person that gave me this information did not include dates. I do not know, for instance if John was born before Elizabeth or after. But here goes:

    John and Elizabeth Wood Verlenden – m 1809 Cecil Co. MD

    Children:  MaryAnne ( you already have her information)

    John Verlenden married Anna Elizabeth ? and their children were Enos, Elizabeth, William Lane, Samuel, Charles, Harriett, Edith.

    Enos Verlin married Anna Elizabeth ? and their children were Sarah, John, Mary Adeline, Elizabeth.

    Sarah Verlenden married Simon Van Sant (Could this be right?)

    Louisa Verlenden m Martin Famday and their children were Miles, John, Margaret William, Sarah, Morris, Mary Louisa, George, and Simian.

    Susannah Verlenden m Dennis Quinn and their children were Edward, Mary, Elizabeth, John, Hannah, Thomas, martha, Susan (Susie).

    Adeline Verlenden m Barney O’Neill and their children were John, James, Adeline.

    Simian Verlenden m Samuel Lord and their children were Mary Anne, Sarah, John, Simian, Adeline, Rufus, Josaphine, Aileen.

    Martha Verlenden m John Yates and their children were Enos, Sarah, Susan, John, Simian, George, James, Martha.

    Elizabeth Verlenden was born 1813  she married Josual Heaps (1839 in Marcus Hooks) children were Alonzo, born 1846, Annie O. Born 1849, Adeline born 1850, Harriett born 1855 and Susanna. Also there was an Anna that must have died young.

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  • I received this email from someone 9/11/01


    Where did you find me? on Genforum?

    We are not sure about the Buck’s County line (Pennsylvania) But most believe that it is the line that Garrett Van Zandt found in Mecklenburg, NC in 1765 Deed descended from. I believe that most believe that Albertus Van Zandt was his father or grandfather.

    In studying my Alexanders who originated in New Munster, Cecil County, Maryland which is up on the northern border with Delaware and Pennsylvania, I find some land that my Alexanders bought in 1714 and next to it is land that Cornelius Van Zandt and Johannes Van Zandt bought. My Alexanders migrated to Meckenburg in 1750 and most all that family migrated there as well.

    Do you have that on the Buck’s County Van Zandts? It mentions the fact that some sone of Garrett Stoeffelese bought land in New Munster.


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  • I have 25 years worth of genealogy records in boxes. Some I know pertain to my family and some I am not sure.  I am about to start posting correspondence and just miscellanous notes here whether they are my family or a family I am not sure about.

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  • Thank you all who served.

    David Patrick Epps  my brother. He was with us until 1990. David was in the Coast Guard.

    My father William Thomas Epps and Samuel Huey Epps. Served in the US Army. William died 1976 and Uncle Sammy died 1994.

    Gary’s father Jack Keith Wheeler served 20 years in the Navy and his brother Patrick Wheeler served in the US Marines. Jack died 2003 and Patrick died 1990 in an accident when his Harrier caught fire and he ejected and the parachute did not open.

    We miss all our military family members. Thank you for your service.

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  • I am posting miscellaneous items I have in my genealogy boxes. I hope if any one of you know any information of if this is your family please email me at

    Joseph Fitzpatrick born 1775 in Virginia

    He died abt 1850 in Madison, Georgia

    I do not have a wife for him at the present.

    Here are the children listed

    Renee (Male) who married Polly Watts. Renee was born 1794 and they were married 1816 in Greene County, Georgia.

    Sarah R (Female) who married Abner Perry. Sarah was born 1810 in Virginia and they were married 30 July 1846 in Madison County, Georgia.

    Mary B (Female) who married William R. Cleghorn. Mary was born 1815 and they were married 20 December 1837 in Madison County, Georgia.

    Richardson or Richard (Male) born 1819. His first wife was Mary C. His second wife was Lettie Milligan. Richardson or Richard died 1860 in the Civil War.

    Robert Guilford (Male) who married Catherine Shinn. Sometimes I see Katherine Shinn. Robert was born 1823 and they were married 24 May 1842.  Catherine’s father was possibly Moses Shinn.


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  • Gilford Silas Fitzpatrick


    Born 1854 inMadisonCounty, GA

    Died  8 November 1928 inAthens,Clarke County,Georgia




    Mr. Fitzpatrick, well known here, died Thursday. Mr. G.S. Fitzpatrick died Thursday night at his residence,420 Madison Avenue. He was ill for five weeks.


    Funeral services will be conducted Saturday morning at 10 o’clock by Reverend S.B. Wingfield, pastor of theWest EndBaptistChurch, assisted by Rev. B.F.Elliott.


    Interment will be in theBucannan Cemetery,Winterville Road. McDorman-Bridges funeral home in charge.


    The pallbearers will be Messrs. D.A. Carruth, O.H. Arnold, Emmett Wier, R.A. Burpee, Tyler Rivers and Charlie Carruth.


    The funeral services will be held at the residence.


    Mr. Fitzpatrick was a retired merchant and well known inAthens. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Hattie Fitzpatrick, five daughters, Mrs. J. Walker Smith,Atlanta; Mrs. J.A. Parks, Atlanta; Mrs. B.F. Smith, Athens; Mrs. W.I. Stafford, Summerville; a son, Mr. J.E. Fitzpatrick, Atlanta; a brother Mr. H.R. Fitzpatrick, Athens, several nieces and nephews and ten grandchildren. Mr. Fitzpatrick as a native of Madison County.


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