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  • Margie Evans

    Margie Evans was suppose to be married to my one of my great uncles, George Rice Vanzant who was born 19 May 1894 in Pennsylvania and he died 28 July 1939 and is buried in Edgemont Cemetery, Anniston, AL

    As the story told to me by Aunt Margaret Epps Scogins is he was a stage hand and he met Margie. She was and actress and she was huge. He brought her to their home in Piedmont, AL and she was so big that she could not sit on the front porch swing.

    They were supposedly married and lived in Anniston, AL for a while. She did not like it and left to go back to New York. They married in NY.

    I wrote The Shubert ArchiveĀ , 149 West 45St Street, New York, NY 10036 to see if they had any records on a actress Margie Evans and this is what I got back.

    Fat Margie Longs For Real Romance

    300-pounder in “Artists and Models” Can’t Find Some One To Love Her.

    N.Y. Review 1/14/28

    Everybody may love a fat man but no one seems to want a fat woman. Witness the plight of Margie Evans.

    Several years ago Margie made a bid for the movies and landed as the fat lady in the comics. After the first glamour of the screen wore off, Margie turned her thoughts to more tender subjects than the hurling of custard pies. She discovered that her girth- she was known in the movies as the perfect 56- was an obstacle in the matrimonial race.

    Margie began to reduce and did it so effectively that she lost her movie contract last spring. She then joined “Artists and Models” and now has received word that if she loses any more weight she will not be able to play the heavy lady much longer.

    When Margie first started to reduce she weighed a trifle over 450 pounds and was down to 380 when seh left the movies. She has lost an additional 80 pounds since being with the revue at the Winter Garden and now is faced with the decision of giving up her romantic aspirations or putting on additional avoirdupois.

    She would like to know if there aren’t any men who admire slightly plump ladies?

    My note: evidentally they were because according to my family they married in NY and moved to Anniston, Alabama where she became very unhappy and moved back to NY. I have a picture of her and will post it another time when I take time to load all my pictures here. If anybody has any information on Margie please contact me at

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