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  • Verlenden Miscellanous Information

    Here are the other Verlenden children and their spouses. Unfortunately  the person that gave me this information did not include dates. I do not know, for instance if John was born before Elizabeth or after. But here goes:

    John and Elizabeth Wood Verlenden – m 1809 Cecil Co. MD

    Children:  MaryAnne ( you already have her information)

    John Verlenden married Anna Elizabeth ? and their children were Enos, Elizabeth, William Lane, Samuel, Charles, Harriett, Edith.

    Enos Verlin married Anna Elizabeth ? and their children were Sarah, John, Mary Adeline, Elizabeth.

    Sarah Verlenden married Simon Van Sant (Could this be right?)

    Louisa Verlenden m Martin Famday and their children were Miles, John, Margaret William, Sarah, Morris, Mary Louisa, George, and Simian.

    Susannah Verlenden m Dennis Quinn and their children were Edward, Mary, Elizabeth, John, Hannah, Thomas, martha, Susan (Susie).

    Adeline Verlenden m Barney O’Neill and their children were John, James, Adeline.

    Simian Verlenden m Samuel Lord and their children were Mary Anne, Sarah, John, Simian, Adeline, Rufus, Josaphine, Aileen.

    Martha Verlenden m John Yates and their children were Enos, Sarah, Susan, John, Simian, George, James, Martha.

    Elizabeth Verlenden was born 1813  she married Josual Heaps (1839 in Marcus Hooks) children were Alonzo, born 1846, Annie O. Born 1849, Adeline born 1850, Harriett born 1855 and Susanna. Also there was an Anna that must have died young.

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