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  • Mr and Mrs. Lee Roy Fitzpatrick Obituary Notice November 17, 1970

    Mr. and Mrs. Lee Roy Fitzpatrick (Addie Johnson Phillips Fitzpatrick) of 110 West Alabama Street, Piedmont, AL died unexpectedly Tuesday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (car wreck)

    Funeral services will be announced by Mickelsen Brown Service Funeral Home, Piedmont, Al.

    Mr. Fitzpatrick is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Leroy Myers of Birmingham (Janice) Mrs W.C. Studdard of Piedmont, Al (Marion) and Mrs. Billy Epps of Piedmont, AL (Retha), a son Leroy Fitzpatrick of Oxford, AL; two sisters, Mrs. Irby Bannister (Maria) of Anniston, Al and Mrs. Toby Whiteside (Vada) of Watkinsville, GA; four brothers, Thomas E. Fitzpatrick of Watkinsville, GA; Ollie Fitzpatrick of Jacksonville, AL, Rufus Fitzpatrick and Harold Fitzpatrick of Piedmont, AL. Mr. Fitzpatrick had 10 grandchildren and a step-grandchild.

    Mrs. Fitzpatrick is survived by a daughther, Mrs. Lee Little (Martha) of Piedmont, AL; a sister, Mrs. Roy Wolfe of Piedmon,AL; and a brother Buck Johnson of Piedmont, AL. She is also survived by a grandson, Phillip Little.

    Mr. Fitzpatrick was a lifelong resident of Piedmont, AL and was a member of the Congregational Holiness Church. He was an employee of  Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Gadsden, Al.

    Mrs. Fitzpatrick was a lifelong resident of Piedmont, AL and was a member of the First Baptist Church.

    (This was my maternial grandfather and step grandmother.)

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