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  • Happy Memorial Day

    Thank you all who served.

    David Patrick Epps  my brother. He was with us until 1990. David was in the Coast Guard.

    My father William Thomas Epps and Samuel Huey Epps. Served in the US Army. William died 1976 and Uncle Sammy died 1994.

    Gary’s father Jack Keith Wheeler served 20 years in the Navy and his brother Patrick Wheeler served in the US Marines. Jack died 2003 and Patrick died 1990 in an accident when his Harrier caught fire and he ejected and the parachute did not open.

    We miss all our military family members. Thank you for your service.

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  1. Terry Timmerman said on

    I served with David in the Coast Guard.I still remember all the fun times we shared our wrestling and the time I spent eating with him and Guilda Anne.If you could please contact me I am trying to get a hold of Guilda Anne and can not locate any info on her.

  2. Sarah Epps Powell said on

    Hello Terry. My name is Sarah. I’m David and Guildas youngest. My mom lives in Florida in a house her and daddy lived in before we moved to Hawaii. My email is I would love to talk to you about him. I did not really know my dad because I was 4 when he passed. Please contact me if you would, I’ll tell mom about you leaving your message. Thank you and God Bless.

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