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    Here is a comment Buck wrote.. Since a lot of people do not read the comments I thought it would be a good idea to post it.

    J D Epps husband of Lois Kent is Joseph Daniel Epps son of James Craton Epps Jr. He was born 30 Nov. 1891. His mother was Adlade Fox Epps also called Addie. She was the second wife of James Craton Epps Jr.   Dovie is Hepsey Jane Epps daughter of James Craton Epps Jr. and Hepsey Prosser.  Bettie is Elizabeth Epps another daughter of James Craton Epps Jr. and his first wife Hepsey Prosser. 
    The W. C. Epps is a son of Hugh M Epps named William C Epps. The C probably is either Cole his mothers maiden name or Craton his grandmothers maiden name.  Mary J Epps in the Simms – Land Cemetery above is the first wife of Lawrence Franklin Epps who is the son of Hugh M Epps. Mary Jane’s maiden name was Mason. She died before before Dec 1876 and is the daughter of Solomon Mason. Lawrence F Epps later married Luticia Francis Cotner.

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