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  • Sale of Lawrence Epps Deceased Personal Property

                                              Larry Epps Deceased –Account of Sale

                                             A List of Sale October 17th & 18th 1861
          Name                                               Articles                              Amount
    James N. Epps                      Colter? Plow & axe & c                   2.20
    Larra Epps                             Plow & Sundries                                  .10
    W M Epps J C Epps             Sythe & c                                              1.15
    H Gowen J C Epps               Crop cut sow & c                                 .30
    James N. Epps                     Cutting Knife & c                                  .20
    Hugh M. Epps                      2 Plows & Hames                                  .10
    H M Epps                               Round Chain                                          .10
    James N Epps                      Lot of Sundries                                     .65
    James N Epps                      Bryan Sythe                                           .25
    H M Epps                               Wheat Fan                                              .10
    Mrs Cummings                    Weeding hoe                                         .05
    H Gowen J C Epps              Cubbard & Table                               4.15
    Mrs E T Thomas                  Sifter                                                        .20
    Mrs Cummings                    Bead Quilt                                              .15
    Mrs Cummings                    Bead Quilt                                              .15
    Mrs Cummings                    Bead Quilt                                              .15
    H M Epps                               Oven & Lead                                         .50
    H M Epps                               fire Shovel                                             .10
    H M Epps                               Skillet & Lea                                          .50
    H M Epps                               Oven                                                        .35
    Larra Epps                            Gallon pot & c                                      .65
    H M Epps                               Clock & Bible                                        .10
    H M Epps                               Ladies Saddle                                    5.00
    Mrs Cummings                    Bucket                                                     .10
    Mrs Cummings                    Coffee Mill                                             .10
    Mrs Cummings                    Coffee Mill                                             .05
    Mrs Cummings                    Chairs                                                     .10
    Mrs Cummings                    Looking Glass                                      .25
    Mrs Cummings                    Kittle & Pots                                         .25
    Larra Epps                            Old Saddle                                             .35
    Mrs Cummings                    Water Bucket                                       .05
    H M Epps                               Sow & 5 Piggs                                  17.25
    Mrs Cummings                    Cow                                                     16.00
    H M Epps J C Epps             Sythe & Cradle                                  2.00
    H M Epps J C Epps             3 Hogs                                                38.80
    W Cummings                        2 Shotes                                               7.50
    The above is a true and perfect act of sale of all the personal property of Larry Epps decd. That was sold by me on the on the 17th day of October 1861. Sold on twelve months credit notes with good security taken for the sum.
    Sworn today in submission before me Jan. 24th 1867                            James C. Epps
    J T Grossman Clerk Clerk                    fee 50 ct paid J. T. G.                              Admin
    Approved R. Farqu__?___

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