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  • Most Wanted Martha Elizabeth “Mattie” Epps Young Shearl

    I am looking for information on Martha Elizabeth “Mattie” Epps who married James Young and then he died and she married Arnold Shearl who died 18 January 1947 in Centre, AL

    Mattie died 10 May 1945 in Centre, Al

    She and James Young had a daughter Othelia Samantha Young who was born in 1905 and died 1990.  I am sorry I am just finding that out. I would have loved to have met her. This was my Grandfather Samuel Huey Epps niece. Othelia married William Hopkins and they had June Laurette Hopkins 1923-1976  Billie Doyle Hopkins who married Harold Laddie Akins. Billie was born April 29,1929 and died June 14, 1993.   Son William Michael Hopkins who was born August 19, 1943 and died 1972 in Germany.

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