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  • Epps Cemetery Records

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    I am only going to post the records of anyone pertaining to our family that I have marked so far.  If anyone one wants the entire list email me..
    Laviod, Son of
    J.C. and L.E. Epps
    October 19, 1899
    November 14, 1912
    John N. Epps
    March 27, 1841
    August 25, 1929
    Florence Cole Epps
    November 1, 1849
    February 5, 1938
    John S. Son of
    J.N. and Florence Epps
    September 1, 1882
    March 6, 1914
    Joseph Epps   Son of James Craton Epps and Nancy Norris Epps
    Died January 8, 1892
    age 42 years
    Dovie, Wife of R.H. Eakes     Daughter of James Norris Epps
    March 28, 1865
    November 20, 1892
    Nancy Ann Norris Epps
    Wife of James Craton Epps
    September 16, 1808
    May 6, 1884
    Bettie Epps
    October 2, 1863
    May 11, 1887
    James Epps   Son of Nancy A. Norris Epps and James Craton Epps
    March 28, 1836
    December 15, 1919
    Addie Fox, wife of
    James Epps
    October 6, 1845
    Jan  1890
    Lois Kent, wife of
    J.D. Epps
    March 3, 1887
    September 22, 1931
    Mary J. Epps
    August 8, 1842
    July 16, 1871
    Miss Liza Epps
    (Beasley Funeral Home)
    W.C. Epps
    January 5,1848
    August 10, 1928
    M. Epps
    18–   193-     Broken (Beasley Funeral Home)
    W.T Epps
    J.C. Epps 1872-1940  (Beasley Funeral Home)
    S. Hattie Epps
    dates broken away
    Beulah Ables Epps
    Feb 15, 1896
    May 20, 1955

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2 Responses to “Epps Cemetery Records”

  1. Lawrence Epps said on

    J D Epps husband of Lois Kent is Joseph Daniel Epps son of James Craton Epps Jr. He was born 30 Nov. 1891. His mother was Adlade Fox Epps also called Addie. She was the second wife of James Craton Epps Jr. Dovie is Hepsey Jane Epps daughter of James Craton Epps Jr. and Hepsey Prosser. Bettie is Elizabeth Epps another daughter of James Craton Epps Jr. and his first wife Hepsey Prosser.
    The W. C. Epps is a son of Hugh M Epps named William C Epps. The C probably is either Cole his mothers maiden name or Craton his grandmothers maiden name. Mary J Epps in the Simms – Land Cemetery above is the first wife of Lawrence Franklin Epps who is the son of Hugh M Epps. Mary Jane’s maiden name was Mason. She died before before Dec 1876 and is the daughter of Solomon Mason. Lawrence F Epps later married Luticia Francis Cotner.

  2. Tammie Llewellyn said on

    There is a second Joseph Daniel Epps son of James Craton Epps. He was born in 1849 in Lincoln County, TN. He married a Sallie (Sarah) F. Taylor 26 Jan 1873 in Lincoln , TN I suspect he died between 1890-1900 He had three children Clinton Calvin Epps, Anna Epps, Claude Allen Epps. I know the boys went to Texas, Oklahoma and ended up in Kansas/Missouri. I have more information, but I have been trying to find the death of Joseph Daniel. I also know he lived with his Aunt Elizabeth before he married and then had a farm in Howell, TN which after his death Sallie and Claude live at. I believe she died in 1917 and Claude with his wife went to Texas. I would like to share information and am so excited to find your website.

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