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  • Vanzandt Vanzant Family Bible

    VANZANDT FAMILY BIBLE, ALSO KNOWN AS VANZANT and various other spellings. 
    Please if you find any errors let me know and if you have anything to add also contact me.
    Family bible 
    Abraham Williams Vanzandt
    Born        18 Feb 1810 St. Georges Hundred, New Castle Delaware.
    Married  30 Oct 1829
    Died        10 Jan 1888  3023 Dakota Street, Phil. PA
    Buried    12 Jan 1888 Chester Rural Cem Chester, PA
    Wife of Abraham Williams Vanzandt
    Mary Ann Verlinden
    Born      1 Mar 1811
    Died     27 Feb 1894 Chester, PA
    Buried  Chester Rural Cemetery
    Abraham was supposed to be married to Anna McCloy or Anna Lamott McClay May 8, 1868  at the same time he was married to Mary Ann Verlinden.
    Children of this union were Vanzandt – Verlinden
    Sarah Ann Vanzandt    Spouse   Robert Buck
    Born         15 Aug 1830  Delaware Co, PA
    Married   27 June 1850
    Died         1907   buried Chester Rural Cemetery
    John Vanzandt   Spouse   Annie Afflick
    Born       11 December 1831  Delaware County PA
    Died        11 November 1913
    George Rice Vanzant  Spouse  Hannah Slater   Ann Crowther Kay
    Born          22 Jan  1834    Delaware, PA
    Married     5 Jan 1836 to Hannah Slater
    Married    15 Oct 1868  Ann Crowther Kay
    Died            9 Jan 1918 VA Old Soldiers Home
    Buried      Chester Rural Cemetery.
    Mary Ann Vanzant   Spouse   Andrew Lampert
    Born         22 Jan 1836  Delaware Co, PA
    Married   25 August 1855
    Elizabeth Vanzant  Spouse William Morris
    Born        26 Nov 1837   Delaware County, PA
    Married  Feb 1858 Chester, Delaware Co, PA
    Jane Vanzant  Spouse Joel Lane
    Born        25 July 1840
    Married  18 November 1863  Chester, PA
    Abraham Rowland Vanzant   Spouse  Julia J. Vandergrift
    Born       18 Jan 1843   Delaware County PA
    Married   8 Jan 1868  Trinity Methodist Church
    Died          8 November 1876
    Louisa Vanzant  Spouse ? Trout
    Born       28 March 1845
    Married   7 June 1861
    Emaline Vanzant   Spouse   Morris Burns
    Born         1 Nov  1848  Delaware Co PA
    Married   22 Mar  1873  Chester, PA

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    Published on December 20, 2009 · Filed under: Vanzandt Vanzant Family Bible;

5 Responses to “Vanzandt Vanzant Family Bible”

  1. Hi,

    I found your blog doing a google search for vanzandt. My grandfather, Lawrence Buck, was the grandson of Robert Buck and Sarah Vanzandt. I’d greatly appreciate any more information you have on the Vanzandts or for pointing me in the right direction of some primary sources. Thanks!

  2. Wayne Branson said on

    Hi Lauren,
    Sarah Vanzandt was the fist born child of Abraham Williams Vanzandt and Mary Ann Verlenden.

    see this site:

    Happy hunting!!


  3. I am trying to trace my Grandfather Harry Morehouse Van Zandt born in 1867 around Somerset
    Pennsylvania. He was a mason in Harrisburg. Met my Grandmother Mabel Pike Phasey in his later life and had two children Robert and Mary. His history before that is non-existant. A letter arrived saying his wife had died but my grandmother never knew he had a wife alive. I thought i had found him as George R Van Zandt’s son. But your record says Harry died way before my grandfather in who 1947. The story that my Harry comes from i of a family of 5 brothers who fought in the Civil War.
    Any suggestion where i can look besides Best Tatiana

  4. Marlene Creech said on

    I have an ancestor named Hannah VanZandt bor 1711 in Amsterdam, New York
    married Robert Higgins and died, I think in Lexington, KY i 1871. do you have one of
    these names in your family?

    I know my “nuts” came from somewhere. I have to find someone ti blame for me.

  5. Megan Spoltore said on

    I just luckily stumbled upon this site. I am descended from Elizabeth Vanzant Morris’s son, Abraham Rowland Morris. In my research (census records), I have found her husband to to be named John Henry, but you have it listed as William.

    Do you have anything else about Elizabeth her family?

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