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     Wayne Branson  VZ's
    Abraham W VZ was certainly married to Anna Lamott McClay. ‘McCloy’ is incorrect. We have the marriage record of their marriage in 1868 in Philadelphia. Abraham left Anna before 1880. Anna was living by herself with two young children in a home in Philadelphia according to the census. One of Anna’s children was my great grand mother who was known to my father very well when my father was a young person. My Great grandmother knew who her mother was and who her grandfather Vanzant was first hand.

    Mary Ann Verlinden can also be found living with her children in a seperate home in Philadelphia in 1870 according to the census.

    I found Abraham living in a fine home in Philadelphia in 1880 with servant girls and young children bearing the Vanzant surname. He was not with Mary Ann VZ or Anna Lamott McClay VZ at that time. I cannot find any proof that he ever went back to either of his wives or any of his children by his two wives between 1880 and the time when he died in 1888.

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    Published on December 20, 2009 · Filed under: Wayne's Corner;
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