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  • Edward Lilly, Athens, Ga

    I have this letter from my Aunt Maria Fitzpatrick Bannister answering some correspondence from a Mr. Bill Brown in Pensacola, FL

    January 23, 1989

    Dear Mr. Brown;

    In answer to your letter we must be related ins one way. My mother Geneva Lilly was born in Athens, GA. Her daddy came from Ireland. I do not know his name (Edward Lilly and he married Sarah Ann Smith)  I do know he is buried in Athens, GA . He was a brick mason. I do not know his wife’s name. They had three children my mother Geneva Lilly, a daughter Zetta and a son Emmett Lilly.

    The grandfather (Edward Lilly) built the first stone building in Athens, Ga ( Lumpkin House)  he also helped lay the train track from Atlanta, GA to Birmingham, AL

    I am sorry I do not know more. Thanks for writing me maybe we will meet some day.

    Maria Bannister

    The ( ) is the information I know. Is it now sad you do not know your grandparents information. Please today sit down and write down everything you know beginning with you to leave for future generations of family researchers.

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