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  • Edward Lilly 1813- 1889

    I am trying to find the parents of Edward Lilly born 1813 in Enniskillen, Ireland and died 1889 in Athens, Ga. Edward was married to Sarah Ann Smith and she was born in Georgia.

    Also I am curious as to who Minor W. Lilly is. You may click on the picture and see all the names. This is the Lilly Family Plot at the Oconee Cemetery, Athens, AL

    **** I located a letter from a lady in Duluth,GA that gave me the following info.

    Edward was a brick and stone mason and built Governor Lumpkin’s retirement home in Athens, GA in 1844 which, along with his land, was given to the Universit of Georgia and still stands today as the ‘Ecology’ building (also known as the ‘Lumpkin House’). He passed the trade down to his sons, and they in turn to their sons. The sons-or grandsons-built the warden’s house at the Atlanta Penitentiary, the Candler Building in Atlanta, and the smokestack at the Fulton Cotton and Bag Mill which is still standing.

    Edward at some point went off to California goldmines(told to me by his granddaughter Margaret- but I’m not so sure it wasn’t to Dahlonega, Ga) and he came back a wealthy man and never had to work again!  (Janet, from Duluth, Ga)

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  1. If you find out, will you please let me know, I also am Edward’s kin, and would love to dive deeper into our history! Sláinte!
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