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  • Vanzant, Vanzandt Family Bible.

    Family bible 

    I am going through all my notes trying to get them all put here on the web site. There are boxes full of papers so be patient.

    I found this legal pad sheet. I believe it was sent to my by Signe Cowan.

    It was taken from her husbands Family Bible.

    Marriage Certificate:

    George Rice Vanzant to Hannah Slater (  1st Marriage)

    North Providence Delaware County , Pennsylvania

    September 7, 1856

    Signed, James. W. Dale 

    George Rice Vanzant to Ann Crowther Kay ( 2nd Marriage)

    Upland Delaware Co. Pennsylvania

    October 15, 1868

    Minister H.E. Gilroy, Chester PA

    Family Record :

    Father  George Rice Vanzant    Place of  Birth, Upper Darby, Delaware Co. Pennsylvania. Date of Birth January 22, 1834, Date of Marriage September 7th, 1856 , Date of Death January 9th, 1918.

    Mother: Hannah Vanzant, Place of Birth, Philadelphia County, PA, Date of Birth January 5, 1836, Date of Death April 30th 1867

    Children: George Albert, Born Upland Del. Co Pa, December 7th 1857 , Died October 13, 1911

    Annetta, Born Upland Del. Co. Pa, January 13, 1859, Died October 21, 1931

    Abram Williams, Born Upland Del. Co. Pa January 1st, 1862, died March 31, 1863

    Harry , Born Upland, Del Co. Pa, October 20th, 1866, Died January 28, 1837

    Father: George Rice Vanzant, Info Same as above, married Ann Crowther Kay, October 15, 1868. Ann was born in Lancashire, England December 8, 1834 and Died December 1, 1897

    Children of this union, Willis K Vanzant ( My Gr grandfather). He was born October 10, 1869 in Upland Delaware Co, Pa and died January 21, 1939.

    Hannah Born in Upland, Del Co Pa July 25th 1871. She had been married twice. OnceJune 20, 1899  and the second January 18, 1906 to Frederick A. Cowan and she died Nov 1955.

    Abraham Vanzant was born Feb 18, 1810. He married October 30, 1829 and Died January 10, 1888 age 77 years.

    Mary Ann Vanzant wife was born March 1, 1811  Her maiden name was Verlinden or Verlenden.

    She died February 27, 1894 age 83

    Sarah Vanzant born August 15, 1830

    John Vanzant born December 11, 1831

    George Rice Vanzant born January 22, 1834

    Mary Ann Vanzant born January 22, 1836

    Elizabeth Vanzant born November 26, 1837

    Jane Vanzant born July 25, 1840

    Abram Rowland Vanzant born January 18, 1843

    Louisa Vanzant born March 28, 1845

    Emaline Vanzant November 1, 1848

    This was copied from Grandpa Vanzant’s Family Bible.

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