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  • Calling All Detectives.

    I have a request.  I started researching our family tree over 24 years ago. Aunt Margaret had a big box of pictures and one was of this heavy lady, but attractive. I was looking at the picture and Aunt Margaret stated that she was Uncle George Rice Vanzant’s wife Maggie Evans who was an actress of sorts back long ago.

    Uncle George was a stage hand. I have various pictures of him with other workers. He even makes reference he was in one play.

    George came back to Anniston, AL where he died many years ago. I have often wondered if he had a wife. Today I found the information I had been looking for. 

    George Rice Vanzant was married to Margaret Evans. 1930 he was 36 and Margaret was 34. They were living in Manhattan, NY with her two children from a previous marriage and her father who was from Germany.  The children are Chester Evans age 14 and Richard J. Evans age 12 and John Reinhardt age 68.

    Margaret’s first husband and the father of her two sons was Earnest Evans.

    Anyone have any information on this group please contact me at


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3 Responses to “Calling All Detectives.”

  1. Shelia Gaddy said on

    I am trying to find information on Susan Gamon and Jim Roe Taylor. Where were they living in the 1870;s. I was not able to find any information. I am related. Thanks much.
    Shelia Gail Gaddy

  2. Rodney Pence said on

    I have a little time on my hands, I’ll do some searching for you on these two names , cousin !

  3. Ruth Fitzpatrick Prince said on

    i am sure I am your cousin. I would love to talk to you because I know nothing about our family. Daddy never would talk to us about the family.

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