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  • Abraham Williams VanZandt

    Miscellaneous Abraham Williams VanZandt from Mary Harrigan.

    Abraham was first elected Sheriff of Delaware County on the Republican ticket 16 November 1863.

    Death notice spells “Vanzant” When Mary was young the name was spelled Vanzant. After WWII her uncle decided it should be spelled VanZandt. Apparently there had been some research then and the name was changed back.

    John of Clifton Heights who was the number 2 child of Abraham’s descendants still uses the Vanzant spelling.

    Abraham’s family must have lived in Rockdate Aston area where John P. Crozier had mills. This was in the Chester or Upland, Pennsylvania area.

    Family history says “Abraham set up Number 1 mill in Upland, Pennsylvania” The dates agree.

    The first Upland Public Grammar School established 1853-1856 in house on N.S.Race Street next to Caleb P. House on the west commenced 4 May 1853. A.Williams, Instructor.

    March 1854 Abraham Rowland Vanzant, Jane, Eliza, Louisa, Emeline were students during May, June, July, August went to Carterville School, Chester Twp before 1854 P. 139 April 1861. Rowland’s last day in school.  In 1858 Emeline and Louisa Vanzant moved away. Said to be good scholars.

    In about 1858-9, Abraham went to Roswell GA as a manager of a mill. He returned to Chester, PA in 1861 because of his union principles.

    1863 Abraham was elected Sheriff of Delaware County, PA for 2 years. Delaware Co. Republican notes V 39 page 16, 118, 120 , then manager of Osborn Levis Mills, Upper Darby PA.. Many years he was very prosperious.

    1876  Last public appearance, at the Declaration of Independence at Flag Raising Centennial Celebration

    1888 Accessor 28th Ward at the time of his death.  He died of pneumonia.

    He was a member of Leiperville Lodge I.O.O.F. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. All records was lost in the flood Agnes 1972.

    Lay preacher Methodist Church. Superintendent of Sunday School in Avondale.

    Abraham had  been a member of Madison Streeet Methodist Church, in Chester, PA. All records there destroyed and words written “BAD BLOOD” across his name.  Apparently Abraham got involved with a female church member. 

    Mary Ann Verlenden his wife is reported to have a violent temper.

    Abraham was buried from son George Rice VanZandts home 8th and Church St, Upland, PA then from Church. Ministers from Upland Methodist and Trinith Methodist in attendance and members from the Lodge.

    ***  Later on in our research, it was determined Abraham was in deed bad blood. It was found that he was a bigamist****

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