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  • Returned From The Dead. George Rice VanZant.

    George Rice VanZant

    This was taken from the Philadelphia Inquirer, November 19, 1912

    Chester Veteran, Mourned As Dead, Returns Home.

    Chester, PA  Nov 18, 1912

    When George Rice VanZant, of Upland, walked into the headquarters of Wilde Post, Grand Army of the Republic, in this city this morning he found a large memorial card announcing that “Comrade George R. VanZant had answered the last roll call.”

    The post flag on top of the building had been placed at half staff, in respect to the memory of “the late George R. VanZant, Comrade of Wilde Post.”

    Arthur Martin, member of the Board of Poor Directors of Delaware County, who is a member of Wilde Post had ordered the charter draper ‘in memory of the deceased Comrade VanZant.”

    Martin met VanZant on the street this morning and nearly collapsed when he came face to face with the man whose body he understood was being brought on from Michigan, where VanZant’s death was reported to have occurred.

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