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  • My family connection to Chris!!!

    Well….first of all, let me introduce myself….my name is Kevin Agan and I currently live in Cave Spring, GA. I have dedicated alot of my free time over the last 5-7 years researching my AGAN ancestry…I have created a group on facebook to help me out as well… just click on “Agan’s all around this great country of ours!!!” to check it out!!!

    Also on facebook is where I met Chris for the first time…through our conversations, we quickly realized that we are cousins. It just so happens that we share the same great great grandparents   Jim Roe Taylor and Susan Garmon.  Jim Roe Taylor was born in 15 Jul 1852 and died 13 Jul 1928…he married Susan Garmon who was born 5 Mar 1854 and died 25 Aug 1938.  Together they had several children…one of which was a daughter named Annie Taylor, from whom I am descended and they also had a son named John Taylor from whom Chris is descended…Our common g g grandparents are buried together in Pleasant Ridge Baptist in White Plains, AL.  My Anderson grandparents are also buried in that cemetery…

    Well there you have it, our family connection in a large nutshell…

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  1. william danny agan said on

    hi kevin let me introduce my self i am william agan my father was thomas henry agan sr. he was from rome ga. he had one sister mary she passed away in 1964 he had some uncles ionly remember david and eugene i think he had one aunt that was name ruth my dads father was john t agan his mother was kathrine harvey my dad looks alot like stanley porter agan whom you posted a picture of also james c agan was my dads cousine james passed away in 2005 at fl state prision if yoy have any info on my dads family please let me know you can also feel free to call me at 8136796067

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