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  • Miscellanous Epps Photo’s


    William Thomas Epps, Jr ( Tommy ) Chris Epps Wheeler inside the car. This was my first car, a Gremlin. Piedmont, Alabama 1972. Chris and Tommy are the children of William Thomas Epps, Sr and Retha Dean Fitzpatrick Epps. 


    David Patrick Epps. David is the son of William Thomas Epps, Sr (Billy) and Retha Dean Fitzpatrick Epps. David died January 25, 1990 off Johnston Island. He was in the Coast Guard. 


    Hannah Carroll Vanzant Epps.. Wife of Samuel Huey Epps, Sr. This is my grandmother. My father’s mother.  Ruby Jo Ray is in background.


    Mattie Epps, sister of Samuel Huey Epps, Sr. 


    Samuel Huey Epps, Sr.    I think Big Daddy was so handsome. 


    Samuel Huey Epps, Sr. 


    Samuel Huey Epps, Sr. and Hannah Carroll Vanzant Epps at Lake Guntersville, Guntersville, AL  


    William Thomas (Billy) Epps and Janice Marie Fitzpatrick.  Dad and Aunt Janice acting silly. 


    William Thomas (Billy) Epps, Sr and Samuel Huey Epps, Jr.  Sons of Samuel Huey Epps, Sr and Hannah Carroll Vanzant Epps. 


    William Thomas (Billy) Epps, Sr. and Samuel Huey(Sammy) Epps, Sr.

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