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  • Marriage Made In Heaven Or Was It The Original “War Of The Roses?”

    February 14, 1952.   First Baptist Church of Piedmont, Alabama

    Miss Fitzpatrick Married.

    Miss Retha Dean Fitzpatrick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Fitzpatrick and Billy Epps, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Epps were married on Thursday evening at 7:30 o’clock. The marriage was solemized in the First Baptist Church with the Rev. Mr. Brank Bowman reading the vows.

    The church altar was banked with ivy and magnolia leaves which formed a background for candelabra holding white tapers and baskets of white gladioli.

    Mrs. Orville Ginter was organist and Miss Elaine Atkinson sang “Because” and “Ah Sweet Mystery of Life.

    Miss Janice Fitzpatrick, sister of the bride, and Miss Janice Savage lighted the candles.

    The ushers were Stanley Conway and James Bice. Wilbur Studdard served the groom as best man.

    Miss Margaret Epps, sister of the groom, was bridesmaid. Her dress was of blue and her flowers were a corsage of carnations.

    The bride was given in marriage by her father. She sore a suit of beige woolen gabardine with brown accessories. She carried a prayer book topped with a purple orchid.

    The parents of the bride entertained with a reception at the Woman’s Club following the wedding.

    Melda Maddox, niece of the bride, kept the bride’s book and others assisting in entertaining were Mrs. F.K. Maddox and Mrs. Raymond Hammond.

    Mr. and Mrs. Epps left during the evening on their wedding trip through the south.




    Aunt Wynette Rose Ray Epps, Aunt Katherine Epps Maddox and Aunt Marion Fitzpatrick Studdard. 

    Aunt Winnie was married to Uncle Sammy Epps daddy’s brother,  Aunt Katherine is daddy’s sister and Aunt Marion was mothers sister.


    L to R  Hannah Carroll Vanzant Epps, my daddy’s mother, Retha Dean Fitzpatrick Epps, my mother the bride, Sadie Mae Taylor Fitzpatrick, mother’s mother and my grandmother,  Marion Fitzpatrick Studdard, mother’s sister. Coming in the door Aunt Katherine Epps Maddox, daddy’s sister and one of her boys, Aunt Wynette Rose Ray Epps, daddy’s brother Sammy’s wife.


    Sadie Mae Taylor Fitzpatrick my grandmother , Retha Dean Fitzpatrick Epps, my mother, Hannah Carroll Vanzant Epps, my daddy’s mother. Check out the light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Sad thing..this house still is standing today with that same light fixture hanging from the ceiling. This picture was made at 205 Anniston Avenue, Piedmont, Alabama, home of Sam and Hannah Epps. This was at my mothers bridal shower February 4, 1952.


    Mothers engagement announcement.


    Retha Dean Fitzpatrick Epps and William Thomas Epps, Sr. My parents. Lord, I hope they were married in this picture. She would have killed me and my sister if she caught us sitting in a boys lap!

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