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  • I Was A Child Bride.

    Just kidding. In the 3rd grade I think it was, I was selected to be in the Tom Thumb wedding. This is my cousin Johnny Lester Scogin. He was the son of Margaret Epps Scogin and Zack Scogin. Margaret was the daughter of my grandfather, Samuel Huey Epps.  Johnny was born October 28, 1953 and he died December 2009.



    Jason Scogin, son of Johnny Scogin and Gary Wheeler digging Aunt Margaret Epps Scogin’s tiny grave. She was cremated and we only had to dig 2 x 2 foot. She is buried between her mother and father, Hannah Carroll Vanzant Epps and Samuel Huey Epps Sr, at Highland Cemetery, Piedmont, AL 


    Johnny Lester Scogin.

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