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  • Epps Hollow

    This is a picture we got from Elleda Rule and Steve Epps was gracious enough to let me copy it off his Facebook account. This is Epps Hollow where our ancestors lived  in Lincoln County Tennessee.


    I bet there were some good times there!

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    Published on July 12, 2010 · Filed under: Epps Photo's;
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  1. Sandra EPPS Douglas said on

    Hey, cousin Chris – I am the daughter of Edwin Roscoe Epps, Jr. – son of Edwin Roscoe Epps, Sr,. grandson of John Norris Epps and great grandson of James Creighton Epps.

    I have spoken with you a few times before, but wanted to let you know this picture of Epps Hollow (‘holler’ to us Southerners) is reversed. My Daddy grew up on the old home place in this holler.

    My Daddy & Momma are still living, as is his sister Dorothy Epps Brown. I am still collecting info on this branch of the Epps family.

    Your Cousin,

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