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  • A Helpful Hint.

    I just wanted to post something while it was on my mind.  I started researching my family lines 23 years ago and I still have a great love for it.

    When I was working on the research I for whatever reason copied everything I could find with the name I was working on whether I thought it was going to pertain to me or not was not important at the time. I just copied it and filed it away for later use. 

    I have found over the years the more I research the more it DOES PERTAIN to me and I can use the information and a lot of times when I could not use it  I would be able to give it to someone that could use it.  I never for the life of me could go back and find it again so I am glad I have it. Plus I always tried to write where and when I got the article, just a regular reference to it so I could go back years later if I needed to.

    I kept a log of correspondence. Names, addresses, phone numbers, letters and such. I know a lot of people that I contacted are no longer with us but maybe some of their children are carrying on the tradition.

    Today I cleaned out my genealogy closet here at home. I am amazed at the tons of boxes full of information and pictures. I am greatful for every piece of paper and photo I have.

    It is all fitting in to the puzzle called my family!

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  1. This is definitely one time it is OK to be a pack rat!!!!

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