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  • William Clifford Chesser and Wife Julia Paril Rebecca Ince

    William Clifford Chesser

    Born 22 July, 1895 in Bells, Fannin County, Texas.

    Married  04 November 1917, in Cornith, Harmon County, OK

    Died 25 May 1960 in Altus, Jackson County, OK

    Father was Joseph Chesser and his mother was Narcissa Paron Whitaker

    Wife of William Clifford Chesser

    Julia Paril Rebecca Ince. Julia was born 26 September 1898 in Derden, Hill County, TX, died 02 February 1982 in Tulsa, Tulsa County, OK. Julia’s father was John Calvert Ince and her mother was Selah Catherine Eslick.

    Children of William Clifford Chesser and Julia Paril Rebecca Ince are:

    Clifford William Chesser,Male, who was born 15 February 1919 in McQueen Community, Harmon County, OK. Clifford married in Cordell, OK to Dorothy Jean Lackey, and he died 21 July 1980 in Muskogee, OK.

    Julia Marie Chesser, Female, born 17 July 1920 in McQueen Community, Harmon County, OK. She was Married 21 November 1984 in Vernon, Texas. Her spouses were John Edgeworth,  Dee Moon.

    Lee Roy Chesser, Male, was born 12 September 1922 in McQueen Community, Harmon County, OK. He was married 15 March 1946 in Quinlin, Texas to Betty Ruth House.

    Bonnie Katherine Chesser, Female, Born 30 August 1924 in Eldorado, Jackson County, OK. He married 12 June 1942 in Altus, Jackson County, OK and died 31 December 1996 in Altus, Jackson County, OK.  Her two spouses were Ray Southern, Robert Parks.

    Cecil Ray Chesser, Male, was born 07 May, 1926 in Eldorado, Jackson County, OK.  Married 23 June 1946 in Quana, Texas to Lowetta Mae Cross.

    Loyd Jr. Chesser, Male, was born 8 May 1930 in Southwest of Duke, Jackson County, OK and Married 8 May 1953 in Ponca City, OK to Margarete McEuin.

    Stella Mae Chesser, Female , was born 04 September 1933 in Southwest of Duke, Jackson County, OK and married 04 June, 1953 in Abliline, Taylor County, TX. Spouses were Floyd Allen Marin, Clifford Henery Leader.

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