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  • Vanzandt Vanzant Miscellanous Information

    Pennsylvania Marriage License 1748-1752   County not known.

    Vansant,  Isaiah and Mary Foster, March 1749

    Vanzant, Nicholas and Mary Brittin, May 18, 1744

    Vansandt, Hannah and Nathaniel Vansandt, August 27, 1768

    Vansandt, James and Susannah Scull, April 27, 1768

    Vansant, Garret and Elizabeth Stevens, March 13 , 1773

    Vansant, Herman and Catharine Hogeland, October 22, 1766

    Vansant, James and Rebecca Comley, October 1, 1768

    Vansant, Kesia and Abraham Britton, September 11, 1773

    Vansant, Mary and Gabriel Vanhorne, January 18, 1772

    Vansant, Rebecca and Daniel Billew, Janaury 9, 1768

    Vanzant, Elizabeth and Cornelius Vandergrift, June 26, 1760

    Vanzant, Garret and Lea Nixon, April 1747

    Vanzant, Nicholas  1744, May   unknown bride’s name

    Vanzant, Phebe and Miles Strickland December 24, 1760

    Vanzant, Sarah and Christian Vanhorne, June 11, 1764

    This was taken from some records that I got at the library at the Church of Jesus Chris of Latter Day Saints.

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