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  • Time Line of Events in Case of J. C. Epps vs Hugh M Epps et al

    • Lawrence Epps died intestate about 20 June 1861. The court ordered the sale of his land to pay off his debts. A family law suit followed in 1867 It was not until ten years after his death that the sale of the land was completed.
    •  On Oct 17and 18, 1861 James C Epps administrator of his father’s estate sold his personal property. The accounting of the price of each article sold and who purchased it was recorded by the Lincoln County Clerk J T Grossman in Jan. 24 1867. Most of the purchases were on credit with a twelve month period for payment. The sum of the sale amounted to $100 exactly. The largest purchase was made by Hugh M Epps when he paid $38.80 for three hogs. Details on this sale can be seen under Buck’s Corner.
    •  Court appointed Charles C. McKinney August 1867 for minor heirs of Estate of Lawrence Epps.
    •  Court amended bill of J. C. Epps vs Hugh M. Epps et al Feb 1 1868
    •  April 29, 1871 the following deposed: T. M. Blakemore, E. T. Thomas, James Jr. Epps, James Craton Epps Sr., Hugh M. Epps
    •  May 5, 1871 continuation of depositions: Lawrence Epps son of James Epps Sr.
    •  May 19, 1871 continuation of depositions: James Armstrong, Isham Sorrell, Joseph Cole, James Epps, E. T. Thomas
    •  June 1,1871 continuation of depositions: Ex county clerk D. J. Whitington testified that in his experience the fee of $15 asked for by J C Epps for services as administrator is acceptable.  
    •      September 28, 1871 the land was sold by order of the court. The buyer was John Norris Epps. He is the son of James Craton Epps Sr. who is the administrator of his father Lawrence Epps estate. John paid $1310.09. He took out two notes that are due at 1 and 2 years from the sale date. The securitors of this debt are James Craton Epps his father, James Epps his brother, Daniel Franklin Moore and Alexander P. Clift his brother-in-laws.
    •  On February 5, 1873 John Norris and his first wife Sarah Cole Epps transferred the land  to James F Renfrow in exchange for assumption of the debt on the land

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