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  • Summary of Records Found Regarding Larry Epps of Lincoln County, Tennessee


    The year of 1842 was a very eventful year for the 60 year old Larry Epps. He made a decision to divest himself of some of his property. In February 7, 1842 Larry sold a slave girl named Caroline to his son-in-law John Ray the husband of his daughter Hepsey. The sale price was $150.00. Larry also sold land on the previous date to John Ray for $133.00 . It was 79 3/4 acres situated on the waters of Cane Creek and near land of William Ellison and included Larry’s spinning cabins and other unnamed improvements. Both of these transactions with a relative netted Larry $283.00 early in the year of 1842.

    Larry set up a deed of trust for $1.00 to James R. Heister dated June 7, 1842. He was indebted to a William Harris for $137.28n and it was due a short time later in October 1842. He secured the trust deed with two parcels of land. One was the tract he got originally from Adam House in December 9,n1819 and was about 70 x 118 poles in size. He also included 12 head of cattle, 20 heards of sheep, and 2 beds with this land tract. The other tract he obtained from Mary Blackmore and was near Bryant and Polston land on the east, by Woodruff on the north, by Mrs. Greer on the West, and by WIlliam Armstrong on the south. The combined acreage of these two tracts is 80 acres.

    On November 10,1842 Larry sold 50 acres to his neighbor William H. Stephenson for $250.00. This land was on the waters of Cane Creek and was north of land owned by George Hall. The 1842 net profit from property sales to Larry after taking care of his debt to William Harris would amount to about $396.00.


    Larry sold 33 acres to John Painter and Henry Wiggs of Rutherford County, Tennessee for $100.00 in April 11,1843. John Painter may have been an in-law since Larry’s daughter Hepsey married William Painter. This land was on the waters of Cane Creek and near the land of Jarmin Small, Hearrison Steveson.


    Larry brought 79 1/2 acres for $134.00 from his son-in-law John Ray on February 10, 1844. This land on waters of Cane Creek is bound by Henry Bryants, David Armstrong’s and tennessee Small’s land and measures about 60 by 120 poles or about 79 1/2 acres. This appears to be the same land that or at least part of the same land he sold to John Ray in 1942.


    On the 4th of December 1847 Larry Epps age 65 bought 63 acres for $189.00 from Mary  Blackmore. Her land was part of a grant to the heirs of Andrew Greer by N.C. covering 2140 acres. The land was on the east fork of Cane Creek and was adjacent to land of Thomas Cummins and a Stephenson (about 55 poles wide and 183 poles long.) Larry Epps immediately sold half or 31 1/2 acres of the 63 acres he got from Mary Blackmore to his elder son James in December 1847 for $151.00.  This made his cost for the 31 1/2 acres he retained to be $38.00  James Craton was 39 years old at this time.


    Larry age 73 is still in the land game. On March 27,1855 he paid John Landress $213.50 for 79 acres of land near E.T. Thomas, R.J. Small and David Armstrong. The land transaction was recorded by the country court clerk on July 29, 1856.


    On December 1, 1864 William Epps sold his interest in 79 acres gained as an heir of Sarg Epps deceased to J.C. Epps and his heirs for $80.00. The land is in District number 9 and is described as near that of E.T. Thomas, David Armstrong, and R.J. Smith (maybe Small?) The transaction is witnessed by Lawrence Epps and A.S. Small. These witnesses also appear before the county court clerk on November 1, 1869. Since this is 90% probable the same land owned by larry Epps then the Sarg Epps deceased is probably him. Is this William Pleasant the son of Pleasant M. Epps, brother of J.C. Epps.


    On January 7, 1871 James C. Epps Sr. made a trust deed with William Moffett secured by 79 acres of land he owned to settle his indebtedness of $200.00 to his brother-in-law A.P. Clift which was due on Janaury 1871. Moffett gave James the $200.00 he needed to settle his debt and the trust agreement gave him until January 6 1873 to settle up with Moffett or otherwise put his land up for auction at the courthouse to cover his indebtedness to Moffett through the trust agreement. His sons John Norris and James Jr. were witnesses to this agreement.


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