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  • Hepsey Prosser Epps

    Miscellaneous information on Hepsey Prosser Epps .

    This story was told to a family member, in 1981.

    Hepsey Prosser was “just a baby” when James Norris Epps married her. She was either just past 14 or not quite 14 years old.  James Epps was about 10 years older than Hepsey.

    He kept her pregnant “He killed her by keeping her pregnant all the time.” 

    They married 20 December 1860, and the first child was born 1861, a girl named Ella. The next child, Elizabeth “Bettie” was born 2 October 1863, the third child, Hepsey was born 22 March 1865 and died 20 November 1892.

    Hepsey Prosser the mother was pregnant with the fourth child when she died in 1866 or 1867 . Both Hepsey and the child died.

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