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    If anyone would like to be a regular contributor to this GenealogySite, please contact me at   I would love to have someone that is very good on research to have a weekly or monthly article on genealogy advice on research. If you are professional genealogist and want to advertise on here please contact me also.  Chris

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    Published on January 18, 2010 · Filed under: Miscellanous;
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  1. I am the admin for….my cousin Michael Agan built the site….my focus on the site is The Genealogy side but I am all over the entire site…we are still very new and trying to get more people to participate….Have no problem getting them to register, but that is where they stop…
    Ok enough rambling….I wouldn’t mind contributing weekly to your site….let me know what you would like to see and I can make it happen…Most of my time is spent researching The Agan Family, but I learned lots of tricks and research shortcuts during my travels and would love to share with anyone who will listen…

    Kevin Agan

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