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  • George Rice Vanzant Vanzandt

    George Rice Vanzandt

    Born 22 January 1834  Upper Darby Delaware County Pennsylvania

    Married 15 October 1868 Upland, Pennsylvania

    Died 9 January 1918 Virginia  Old Soldiers Home

    Buried in Chester Rural Cemetery, Chester , Pennsylvania.  

    His father was Abraham Vanzandt and Mary Ann Verlended. 

    George was married to (1) Hannah Slater and  (2)Ann Crowther Kay.

    Ann Crowther Kay . Kay was her married name.. She was married to Edward Kay.

    Ann was born 8 December 1834 in Oldham England

    She died 30 November 1897 in Chester, PA

    She is buried in Chester Rural Cemetery.

    I have in my possession her bible that she received on the eve of her trip to America. The sad thing is that they did not write the date in it.. Just who gave it to her when she left for her journey to America.


    Elisibeth Hannah Kay, daughter of Ann Crowther Kay and Edward Kay

    Elisibeth was born Dec 1858 and she died 22 August 1860.

    Son of George Rice Vanzant and Ann Crowther Kay

    Willia Kay Vanzant who Married Margaret Jane Cowan. This is my Great Grandfather and Grandmother.

    Willis was born 10 Octoer 1869 in Upland, Pa

    They were married about 1892

    Willis died 21 January 1939 in Atlanta, Georgia

    Daughter  Hannah Vanzant.  First Hannah was married to a Mr. Carroll and then to Frederick H. Cowan.

    Hannah was born 25 July 1871 in Upland, PA

    She was married to Mr. Carroll 20 Jun 1899 and then married to Frederick A. Cowan 18 January 1906 in Chester, Delaware County, PA

    She died November 2, 1955 in Detroit Michigan.

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