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  • George Rice Vanzant Vanzandt

    George Rice Vanzant

    Born 22 Jan 1834 Upper Darby, Delaware Co. PA

    Married September 7, 1856 in Delaware County Pa to Hannah Slater.

    Died 9 January 1918 in the Old Soldiers Home

    His father was Abraham W. Vanzandt and Mary Ann Verlended

    His second wife was Ann Crowther Kay

    Hannah Slater info

    She died in childbirth giving birth to their last child William who also died.

    The children of George Rice and Hannah Slater Vanzant or Vanzandt were”

    George Albert Vanzant who Married Mary Alice Moore

    George was born 7 December 1857 in Upland, Delaware, PA

    Married 5 November 1884 in Upland, Delaware, PA

    Died October 13, 1911 in Upland, Pennsylvania

    Daughter Annetta

    Born 13 January 1859 in Upland, Delaware, PA

    Died October 21 1931 in Upland, PA and is buried in Chester Rural Cemetery.

    Son Abraham Williams

    Born 1 Jan 1862 in Upland, Delaware County, PA

    Died 31 March 1863 Buried in Chester Rural Cemetery, PA

    Harry M. who married Sarah Carroll. He was born 20 Ocytober 1866 in Upland, Delaware County, PA and died 28 Janaury 1937

    William who died along with his mother was born 30 April 1867 and died 30 APril 1867

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  1. Misty (burgess) Robinson said on

    Im trying to find louetta vanzandt eppes. She woukd be my great great grandma. She was born nov 30,1892 in arkansas and died march 31,1974. Her husband was joseph w. Eppes. She was also married to R.L. Fortner. Im trying to find my ancestry. If you know anything or somebody that would, Id appreciate the help. Thanks!

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