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    In all my posts, please feel free to contact me if you see an error or if you have any different information.   These are just the research records of my research for over 20 years. If you have anything else you would like to post, feel free to contact me also.   I have boxes full so bear with me. It will be a long process. I hope to have it all on here before summer!
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    Family bible 
    William Thomas Epps (Sr)
    B.  29 December 1929  Piedmont, Calhoun Co. AL
    M. 14 February 1952  Piedmont, Calhoun Co. AL
    D. 23 November 1976 Piedmont, Calhoun Co. AL
    Samuel Huey Epps (Father of William Thomas Epps, Sr.)
    B. 26 January 1888 Petersburg, Lincoln Co. Tn.
    M. 30 January 1912, Anniston, Calhoun Co. Alabama
    D. 1 May 1967, Piedmont, Calhoun Country, Alabama
    Hiriam Thomas Epps ( Father of Samuel Huey Epps)
    B.  14 March 1858    Petersburg, Tennessee
    M. 18 January 1880, Marshall Co, Tenn
    D. 1 August 1945, Piedmont, Calhoun Co. Alabama
    Hugh M.C. Epps (Father of Hiriam Thomas Epps)
    B. 4 May 1821   Tennessee
    M. 18 December 1839  Lincoln, County Tennessee
    D.  9 December 1877 Lincoln County Tennessee
    Larry Epps ( Father of Hugh Epps)
    B. 1782   Possibly NC
    M.  January 26, 1807  Lebanon, Wilson County, Tn
    D.  June 1861  Lincoln County, Tennessee

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  1. Lawrence Epps said on

    Thanks for the data. I updated my files on your family with this info. I will try and send something soon.

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